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1037 ratings

Archiver via Setapp

Compress and unarchive files

With the arsenal of archive file types it handles and its rich options, Archiver is what you need when it comes to effortless file compression and decompression. Zip, unpack and encrypt archives, split big files. You will enjoy its smooth interface, compelling features, and a rapid workflow. Definitely one of the today’s most feature-rich file extractor and compressor programs. Get to know why!
version 4.1.0
requires macOS 12.3 or later

Archiver features

Unpack folders and files in a snap

Extract any archives within seconds. Open RAR files or any other compressed files and instantly get the items contained inside. This handy file unzipper program can extract content from major compressed file formats. Yes, it’s not just a ZIP archiver, it can effortlessly open RAR, StuffIt, and 7z and other formats.

Compress files to get more space

Fancy having more space? Compress folders with this archive utility in a few clicks. Select desired format from a vast choice of the supported ones or try its unique file compressor. Enjoy effortlessly shrinking images, and audio files.

Preview files in archive without their opening

Have a glance at your file to check what’s inside before unarchiving. Save time by previewing files with QuickLook. Don’t extract the files you don’t need, pick only those you require. Once selected, Archiver decompresses only the files you need at lightning speed.

Customize the compression to your preferences

Tailor Archiver to your ultimate requirements. Set the desired compression levels, pick a default output folder. Adjust the setting to automatically delete archives once they are extracted. These and many more options are packed in Archiver waiting to be adapted to your needs.

Encrypt and password protect archives

Protect your important data by encrypting it when compressing. Apply passwords to achieve even greater security. The process of encrypting is simple and quick, and let’s you enjoy a piece of mind that your files are protected.

Split and combine large files

Got some big files you wish to share, right? Wish to send an email with large attachments? Archiver is the technology of choice. Splitting and combining files made consistent and snap. It’s a nice way to go once you wish to get split archives fast and easy.

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Positive reviews percentage
1037 ratings
version 4.1.0
requires :platform 12.3 or later
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