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Simplify SQLite file management

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Simplify SQLite file management

Base is an SQLite database manager to quickly create, search and edit data on macOS. It’s a lightweight, simple and straightforward way of taking control over your databases. With a spreadsheet-like interface the app will feel familiar to all, so there’s no need in learning difficult SQL commands.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.5.2 macOS 10.14 required

Base features

Easy SQLite database creation

Create SQLite databases in seconds. It’s simple and quick to make a new database, so do it anytime. For test data, experiments or production files, it’s up to you.

Rich editing capabilities

Edit everything! This includes all column- and table-level constraints. In fact, with this robust sqlite editor, you can edit everything from the basic default values to complex foreign key constraints.

Superb table designing & altering

No need to fight with long-winded CREATE TABLE statements! You can add, edit and delete columns or constraints from a single sheet. Base has made the creating and maintaining of tables simpler than ever.

Instant, consistent data filtering

Effortlessly find your data using the novel and improved filtering system. It is now fast and simple to create difficult queries with minimal typing in a familiar spotlight-like view.

Basic import and detailed export

Import any CSV or SQLite from dump files, then export your tables and custom queries to SQL, delimited text, XML or Microsoft Excel-compatible formats! You can also export your filters to SQL statements.

Smart autocomplete option

With Base, SQL editing is made easy. Besides the typical syntax highlighting option, this app can now autocomplete standard SQL commands. You can also store your most used SQL snippets for prompt re-use later on.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.5.2 macOS 10.14 required
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