Unzip files and compress folders in a snap

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● Extract Only Files You Really Need: If you only need a few files or folders from a larger archive, you don't have to extract the whole thing. Simply drag the files you need from the BetterZip window to any Finder window or the desktop.

● Open Archives Without Extracting: Not only can BetterZip open archives without first extracting them but you can also search for a file using the iTunes-like interface. BetterZip can open and extract archives with the most common formats: ZIP, SIT, SITX, TAR, XAR, XZ, GZip, BZip2, RAR, 7-Zip, CPIO, ARJ, LZH/LHA, JAR, WAR, CAB, ISO, CHM, RPM, DEB, NSIS, BIN, HQX, DMG, EPUB, and Winmail.dat.

● Create Archives: Simply drag files and folders from your hard drives, disks, or network places into your new zip file. You no longer have to copy all the files into a temporary folder first. The supported formats are ZIP, TAR, GZip and BZip2 compressed TAR, XAR, 7-ZIP, and RAR (using the external RAR commandline tool). Large archives can also be split.

● Protect Your Data: BetterZip can protect your data with a password and create AES-256 encrypted archives. 7-zip and rar archives can also be protected.

● Update Archives: Add new or updated files to existing archives. Remove any file or folder from an archive, or even move files around inside the archive as if it were a normal folder.

● Make Archives Compatible: Strip Mac-specific files and resource forks from archives for best compatibility with systems like Windows or Linux.

● Automate: BetterZip lets you define presets for all your compression and extraction settings and you can control it with AppleScript. BetterZip integrates nicely with other productivity tools like Automator, LaunchBar, Alfred, Hazel, and Dropzone.
Key features:
Convenient ZIP file reader and manager
Create archives of popular formats, unzip them with ease. Browse, modify, add, update ZIP files or any other formats. Delete a file or several ones directly in your archive. Yes, that is so easy and fast - no unzipping is needed.
ISO extractor & 30+ archive formats support
Check and get files from different disc image files. It supports major compression formats, such as RAR, ZIP, 7-ZIP, and ISO, plus also the not so common ones, not to mention LHA, LZH. Easily compress ZIP files, open 7z mac. Manage any archive formats with ease.
Strong files protection with data encryption
Protect your most valuable files and folders with strong AES-256 encryption. The app automatically encrypts your data once your archive is being created. Avoid risks of data theft, share already encrypted files or keep them in an encrypted manner.
Archive comments for ZIP and RAR formats
Put comments to your archive files to efficiently know what is there. Currently, this handy zip compression and unarchive app allows you to add comments in your ZIP and RAR archives. Soon you’ll be able to add your notes to other popular archive formats as well.
Reliable password generator and manager
Put strong passwords to enjoy greater security of all your data. Automatically generate solid passwords for all your archives in a prompt and secure way. It’s fast, simple and straightforward. You don’t need to be too tech-savvy to do this.
Extensive AppleScript Support
No matter which Mac app it is, it’s not complete until it offers full AppleScript support, right? Luckily, BetterZip is one of those tasty applications which can be easily scripted using AppleScript. Get started right away, integrate it into your workflows!
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