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ChatMate for WhatsApp

Ratings and reviews ChatMate for WhatsApp

Positive reviews percentage
372 ratings

ChatMate for WhatsApp via Setapp

Personalize WhatsApp

Chatmate for WhatsApp is the ultimate desktop app to seamlessly sync all of your chats to your Mac. It allows you to quickly send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer. The app comes packed with a set of cutting-edge features, not to mention Touch ID and Touch Bar support. Dark mode support not only looks brilliant but also comes in handy in a dimmed down environment being easy on your eyes. System wide sharing extension will help you easily share any of your supported files. Plus, it’s elegant, consistent and fun to use.
version 5.2.8
requires macOS 12.3 or later

ChatMate for WhatsApp features

Adjustable notifications to your demands

Never miss an important message again. Get to know once a friend of yours sends you a message. It’s up to you how to get notifications - on the desktop, in the menu bar, or in the Dock. You can also set the sound you like.

Secure your message preview

Don’t want others to see who is sending you messages? Avoid people peeking into your communications. Turn off the message preview, the sender’s name and image in the notification dialogs for privacy reasons.

Communicate almost invisibly

Got some chats which others should not see? Use Stealth Mode and chat bubbles will blur everything unless you move the mouse over them. Also, the app window can become almost transparent. Keep your secret communications unnoticed for others.

Privacy Mode for unattended Mac

Protect your privacy, set the time once the app should lock itself. Once it is locked, you can easily reopen it by entering a password, but others won’t be able to see what is there. Prevent others from checking your ultimate messages if your Mac is unattended.

Personalize the app to your preferences

Make the app look the way you like. Set a custom wallpaper image, create keyboard shortcuts, choose the preferable way to open the window. It’s you who decide how your Chatmate for Whatsapp app should look and run.

Full Touch Bar support

Try out the cutting edge Touch Bar support! From now on, you can use it to look through Emojis. Plus, you can fully customize it with 13 useful actions to choose from. Have everything you need right at your fingertips.

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ChatMate for WhatsApp
Positive reviews percentage
372 ratings
version 5.2.8
requires :platform 12.3 or later
ChatMate for WhatsApp
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