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Commit faster with superior diffs

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Gitfox Gitfox

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Gitfox via Setapp

Commit faster with superior diffs

If you think your Git repositories deserve the best, you should absolutely get Gitfox. This lightweight Git client has been written exclusively for macOS and definitely looks like it belongs here. Use one coherent interface to make sense of your repository, improve your code quality and commit faster!
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.8.2 macOS 11.0 required

Gitfox features

Superior diffs

Know what's changed — don't guess. Inline Changes are highlighted to take the guesswork out of your diffs. Image Diffs help you make sure the correct assets go into your project. Line Staging breaks your work down into smaller steps. Only commit what you want to.

Powerful tools

Find anything with full-text search and query highlights. Resolve merge conflicts in just one click. Manage features, bugfixes, and releases with integrated Git-Flow support.

A native experience

A completely native app gives you the performance you expect. Perform actions quicker with Touch Bar shortcuts. Create branches and tags, push, cherry-pick, merge or rebase with Drag & Drop. Get notified about new and pushed commits.

Multiple Identities

Working on many projects or even across different organizations can be tricky. Commit using several Git identities and set per-repository defaults.

Mergetool Integration

Launch your favorite merge tools directly from Gitfox. The app covers built-in support for Kaleidoscope, Araxis, P4Merge, and FileMerge as well as automatic support for any tool configured in your gitconfig.


A README is the front page of your repository. With Markdown support, your repositories shine in all their glory. Build status badges, images, and the whole shebang.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.8.2 macOS 11.0 required
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