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Organize your icon sets

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IconJar via Setapp

Organize your icon sets

IconJar is a one-stop tool for icon management used by designers and developers across the globe. Search, organize, preview, and extract icons from one spot – instead of creating tons of asset folders to store your collections. The app is optimized for Dark Mode and comes with support for SVGs and icon fonts.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.10.0 macOS 10.14 required

IconJar features

Beautifully organized icon sets

A professional icon organizer, the app brings your up-to-date sets of icons into neat collections. Search through featured icons suggested by designers from all over the world, or import your own from Sketch. Keep every set you need close at hand.

United by one file type

IconJar simplifies a designer’s and developer’s work by introducing its native file format, iconjar.file, which entails options for tagging and licensing. No need to explain how to distribute icons – there’s one reliable way known to every user.

Quicklook for previewing and browsing

IconJar comes with a handy preview option accessible via Quicklook, so you don’t need to open the image each time to check what’s inside. Browse icons, quickly search through them, and get what you need. No muss, no fuss.

Export icons in any format

Help your beautiful icons enter the big world. IconJar’s export functionality is seamless: Determine the needed icons, specify the sizes, and export to PNG, TIFF, WebP, GIF, SVG or JPEG. To simplify your workflow even more, you can use built-in presets.

QuickDrag icons on your apps

Supercharge your performance by instantly dragging icons onto the apps – IconJar handles icons of any size, color, and format. Thanks to QuickDrag functionality, IconJar perfectly runs in combination with apps that do not natively support SVGs.

Keep your icon sets up to date

If you have a set of icons that feels a bit old-fashioned, you can quickly update the whole pack or a few selected items. Batch check the icons that you want to replace. You can also customize icon description and meta data – the new info will be merged instantly.

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4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 2.10.0 macOS 10.14 required
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