All-in-one task organizer for projects, files & contacts

Managing tasks, files, projects and clients is nobody's idea of a good time, but Pagico will make your life easier by letting you manage all these things in one elegant package. It is one of the few apps that combines task and data management into one easy-to-use package.

Imagine having boarding passes right next to travel itineraries, or design drafts together with meeting notes. Then, see the big picture of your workload in interactive flowcharts compiled automatically from all your projects and contacts. Easily browse and archive your projects even when there are hundreds of them. With the carefully crafted user interface and unique features in Pagico, getting stuff done and staying on top of your business can be both easy and enjoyable.

Available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu, Pagico 8 brings over 50 amazing new features and hundreds of user experience enhancements that make existing features easier to use than ever.

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Sounds good? Well it looks good too.

Pagico features

Visualize task list

With Pagico to-do list app, you get a crystal-clear view of every task ahead. The Dashboard tasks look like an interactive timeline with the ability to dive deeper for more details. Expand the project tracker timeline to see your workload in the long view — on a timeframe of weeks or quarters.

Daily scheduling

In addition to showing you the big picture with the interactive timeline, Pagico also helps you focus on the current day with a Today view, which is a stress-free way to see events planned for today and easily reschedule. A calendar view is also available to let you see things in a more traditional fashion

Project Management

Projects in Pagico can manage notes, tasks and files all together. Write new notes and tasks with ease, and import files & emails via drag and drop. In addition, all data objects can be cross-linked, so you can easily create hyperlinks to tie related things together. Having too much content in a project or contact? You can use the powerful filter options to view your content efficiently.

Contact Management

In addition to managing projects, Pagico also lets you create contact profiles and organize all the contact-specific information including tasks, notes, files and emails, etc. Easily group and sort contacts based on custom fields, or manage contacts in collections. If needed, contacts and projects can even be connected with just a few clicks. Staying on top of your clients is easier than ever.

Organize items by tags and keywords

In Pagico, you have many ways to see your data. The Collections feature lets you filter & group data objects by tags (keywords). Say, you need to make several telephone calls across several projects. Make a @calls tag to see them all at a glance and quickly check off tasks right from the Collections tab.

Syncing data

Data sync is implemented using the built-in Workspaces feature. Similar to shared folders, workspaces allow you to easily sync data among your personal computers and devices. Team members can also use workspaces to collaborate on projects and contacts. To loop in people on shared projects, a Public Share feature can turn your selected projects into a web version for easy public data access.

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