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PDF Squeezer

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PDF Squeezer is a simple app to quickly compress PDF files. Take any large PDF file, simply drop it into the app and get a file that’s much smaller. PDF size reducer is perfect for sending files, fitting them into size-restricted application forms, or uploading them into the cloud, especially when you’re not sure you’ll have a strong, reliable internet connection.
Sounds good? Well, it looks good, too.

PDF Squeezer key features

Minimalistic interface

There are no multiple settings and extra buttons, nothing to confuse you when all you need is to make a file smaller. Open the app and see that it has a simple “Drag your files here” spot and that’s it. Drag the file, reduce it, and save it back to your Mac.

Shrink PDF documents for web

You’ve probably seen size limit on plenty of websites which require uploading documents. Job applications, resumes, visa-related docs, anything needed to upload to online forms that have size limits for documents is now easy.

Batch reduce PDF size

You can save plenty of time on file resizing by placing batches of files into PDF Squeezer at once. They will get processed and reduced one by one, so you can pick up the end result when it’s all done. Same goes for multiple folders.

Compress all files in folders

You can compress every file in a folder and its subfolders as well, all with a single move. Just drop the folder into the app, and every PDF file in there, together with the subfolders included, will get compressed automatically.

Works for password-protected PDFs

In case the file you need to compress is password-protected, worry not. The app will reduce its size and leave the information intact, including the password. You can be sure your important documents are safe (and weight much less) after the reduction.

Preserve the quality

In case you have a beautiful presentation and fear that compression might ruin the quality of images, PDF Squeezer is a smart app that takes care of it. You can customize the quality before compressing to make sure the file preserves the right look.
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Free 7-day trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.
Latest version: 3.8
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.10+
All versions rating: 4.5/5, based on 915 user reviews
Pricing: $9.99/mo