Periodic Table Chemistry

Periodic Table Chemistry

All the facts on all the elements, always at your fingertips

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Periodic Table Chemistry is the ultimate tool for scientists and students alike. A gorgeous and informative rendering of the periodic table, it’s packed with the kind of useful insights you can’t fit on a poster. Its focus mode gives even more insight into the building blocks of our universe, whereas its cross-compatibility with the whole family of Apple products means you’ll never be without the periodic table when you need it.
Sounds good? Well, it looks good, too.

Periodic Table Chemistry key features

Minimalist interface

The app presents the complete periodic table with a gorgeous, minimalist interface. Click any element for the full breakdown of its properties and other useful information. The blueprint design is easy on the eyes and lets you filter between the major regions of the table with just a click. It also includes useful diagrams of each element’s electron shells.

Molecular isotopes

Most periodic tables stop at the elements themselves. This app includes not only the elements, but a complete table of their named molecular isotopes, which makes looking up isotopes by atom a breeze.

Focus Mode

Focus mode lets you zoom in on the table and sort the elements by a variety of different attributes. Along with the usual ways in which the table is grouped (base metals, noble gases, and so on), this mode lets you view the table by radioactivity, ionic radius, and other traits, giving you at-a-glance insight into the elements’ affinities.

Available on all devices

Don’t feel stuck to your desktop! The app is native to the whole Apple ecosystem. You can add it to your Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone with ease, so you’ll never have to go back to your house just to find out whether Dysprosium is in the Lanthanide or Actinide group. Talk about convenience!
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