Screen annotation and cursor highlight

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Presentify features

Presentify is a huge upgrade for all your online demos, presentations, and video tutorials. This menu bar app enables you to annotate any screen and highlight cursor while presenting. Keep your audience focused and engaged in your presentation by emphasizing what’s important on the go.

Annotate anywhere

Whatever you’re sharing on Mac, you can draw on top of it. Simply hit Annotate in the menu bar and start drawing. Presentify lets you put emphasis on the key ideas using different colors, shapes, and gradients. And with the multi-screen support, you can annotate on multiple screens at ease.

Highlight cursor

A mouse cursor is not the most prominent part of the screen. Yet it plays an important role, helping your audience follow the story. Presentify offers a quick fix by letting you highlight the cursor area, the way you like. Customize the highlight color, opacity, and size so that it fits your presentation.

Handy annotation controls

Using the control panel, you can instantly switch between annotation tools such as changing the color or enabling cursor highlight. Need more speed? Record your custom shortcuts and switch even faster. All your Presentify actions are reversible with the Undo/Redo feature — so you don’t have to worry about random annotation mistakes.

Whiteboard support

You can draw on a white background instead of adding annotations on top of other apps. If whiteboard doesn’t sound appealing to you, change it to greenboard or redboard — the color can be customized. Presentify gives you as much space for scribbling as you need.

iPad and Drawing Tablet support

You can pair your iPad with your Macbook via Sidecar, Astropad, or Duet and draw on your iPad using Apple Pencil. Or, you can use a drawing tablet like XP-Pen, Wacom, etc.

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