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628 ratings

Swish via Setapp

Set up quick trackpad actions

Swish is a gesture-based windows controller that expands the abilities of your trackpad. Manage windows and applications, using intuitive two-finger moves across a multi-screen setup. Swipe, pinch, tap, and hold to make the most out of your trackpad. It’s like your Mac finally feels complete.
version 1.10.2
requires macOS 10.13 or later

Swish features

Control windows with just two fingers

Swish offers 28 intuitive gestures that will supercharge your workflow and make you a trackpad power user. Pinch in to quit, swipe down to minimize, pinch out to go fullscreen, double-tap to hide, and more. No more clicks and buttons — you handle everything with simple moves.

Enjoy perfectly aligned windows

Swish allows you to bring two or more windows into one perfect grid. Swish automatically aligns your windows so that they look perfect together, while also decluttering the workspace. Work across as many apps and folders as you like. Nothing's off the screen.

Save time swiping

Swiping is the new dragging. Arrange tabs or windows without clicking. All you need to do is a few intuitive gestures. Want to position a window in the lower right corner? That becomes so easy with Swish — just swipe down and right. It flies, magically.

Have a perfect multi-monitor setup

Boost your productivity by working across two or more screens. You can move a window across different workspaces and control them with lightweight gestures. Just swipe in the needed direction, that's it.

Works with the Magic Mouse

If you prefer a good old mouse to a trackpad, Swish has a solution for this, too. All the functions (except tap and hold) work with the Magic Mouse. It's all about your own way of doing things on the Mac.

Take control

Feel free to change the preferences at any time. You'll find a detailed range of possible actions in the settings. Adjust the app according to your needs and enhance the great trackpad experience with Swish.

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Positive reviews percentage
628 ratings
version 1.10.2
requires :platform 10.13 or later
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