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TextSniper features

Meet lightning-fast text recognition on Mac. TextSniper is an app that can extract text from a selected portion of your screen. Forget taking notes — get TextSniper to capture and save what’s important.

Capture text from graphics, docs, or video

Nothing is non-textual for TextSniper. The app uses advanced OCR technology to instantly extract text from anywhere on your screen. Whether it’s an online presentation, YouTube video, graphical image, or PDF document, use TextSniper to turn anything into editable text.

As easy as copy & paste

To extract text, press Cmd+Shift+2 and select any portion of the screen. TextSniper automatically recognizes text inside the screenshot and saves it to your clipboard. Then, use the familiar Cmd+V to paste your text anywhere. You can change the shortcut if you like.

Keep what’s important

TextSniper essentially helps you avoid clutter by quickly capturing only the most important information. Save your text as a paragraph or keep the line breaks. You can even use TextSniper’s text-to-speech feature to have the app read it to you.

Available from the menu bar

You can access TextSniper from your menu bar to start capturing or customize some settings (change the keyboard shortcut or choose to keep line breaks when copying text). At other times, it stays unnoticeable and out of your way.

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