We’re a small family business and a developer of the ultimate video downloader Downie, a universal media converter Permute, an invoicing app UctoX, and a few others. The apps we enjoy using ourselves, enjoy working on, and enjoy seeing being used by others.

– Charlie Monroe, Developer of Downie, Permute, and UctoX

The Partner Program gives Setapp vendors extra income that they don’t have to earn — the money just keeps flowing in. Developers are offered to integrate a Setapp banner with a unique link on their website and get 20% of every monthly fee a person pays to Setapp if they join via the link. You can read more about how to participate here.

We talked to Charlie Monroe, a longtime app developer and Setapp vendor, about his experience with Setapp’s new Partner Program.

Why Charlie Monroe participated in PP

Monroe’s Downie, Permute, and UctoX have been part of Setapp for a while now. The developer says, outside of Setapp, he has to deal with seasonal ups and downs a lot — which makes it hard to predict how much income he can generate over a specific period of time. So instead of constantly relying on app usage and license purchases, he decided to try and stabilize his income with Setapp’s Partner Program.

During some parts of the year (summer, Christmas, etc.), users tend to use some apps more and some less — this makes the income during these months a bit of a rollercoaster. Receiving revenue per user is always something that stabilizes the income.

What were the results

One of the main reasons why developers use our Partner Program is because it helps boost their ARPU. The more people you refer to Setapp, the more recurring revenue you get. Monroe says he’s seen some positive trends with the number of people who’ve joined via the Partner Program since he placed a banner on the website.

Looking at the results in the developer account, I am fairly satisfied. The number of people who sign up via the Partner Program doubled in just a month.

What’s in it for developers

We get it. Some developers might think referring users to Setapp from their own website is a weird idea — maybe even something that could jeopardize their income. The reality proves to be the opposite, though. And here’s why:

  1. Setapp can attract those clients that would otherwise drop out (think about all those people who actually like your app but don’t find it reasonable to buy the license — just because they won’t be using the app very often).
  2. Earning a 20% commission per user can be a great way to expand your profits. Get additional $2 on top of the money you’re already making for every person you refer to Setapp versus $0 you would earn if that person just left your website.
  3. While the average lifetime value of a Setapp client is 24 months, you can expect long-term profits.

Here’s how Setapp Partner Program works

While the code was prepared by Setapp, the whole setup process took just a few minutes.

We want the experience to be smooth and simple for developers, so we handle all the technical stuff on our side. Here’s how it works for a Setapp partner:

  1. Access your developer account and become a partner
  2. We provide 100% support with banner placement (in terms of code, design, etc.)
  3. You get access to your personal dashboard where you can track the number of banner clicks, your commissions, and more.
  4. Receive a 20% commission for every new user who joins via your banner.

We created Setapp Partner Program to unite our efforts with developers and reach larger audiences together — so that we both benefit from it. For Setapp vendors, this is a great chance to get an additional revenue stream without spending anything extra on marketing or maintenance. For Setapp, it’s an opportunity to expand our audience and boost the usage of vendors’ apps via Setapp. Win-win.

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