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Endless tabs make your web browser messy. Multi-tab apps are a whole different story. Using frictionless SSB technology, you can turn the most complicated website into a sleek app. And it takes no coding or design skills to complete the task. 

Get Coherence Pro, a limitless SSB tool 

BZG’s tools for Apple devices have long been known for their power of app creation. On Setapp, we have Unite — a native Mac app creator — and now we’re welcoming its advanced mate, Coherence Pro. For even more power. 

Coherence Pro is the best SSB app you’ll find on the Mac market. It will help you turn a website into a multi-tab app. Or, you can build new functionality on top of the existing app — effortlessly. While they used Google Chrome as a backend, Coherence Pro works perfectly well with web experiences. 

Every app scenario covered

With Coherence Pro, an app can take any shape. Not only is it completely isolated, you can make your app crazily customizable. Choose the most optimal app mode: standard — with single-window design, a Chrome-like tabbed app, or even multi-tabbed design. If you go with the latter, you’ll be able to create an app that can be viewed as a browser. 

What’s more, Coherence Pro enables you to bulk-create apps. So if you have to copy settings across multiple applications, this is incredibly helpful. 

Create a multi-tab app from website

Make the most out of Chrome integration

Multi-tabbed design that imitates Chrome browser is a huge perk — yet, not the only one. You can also import all of your Chrome extensions and saved profiles into the app. If you want multiple apps with the same extensions, Coherence Pro will remember the preferred ones and add them automatically. 

How is it different from what you can do with Unite? 

While Unite is a native app creator, Coherence Pro is all about adding complexity and redesigning your apps. Here are a few use cases that make Coherence Pro unique: 

  • Create workspaces: Coherence Pro can align different apps, thanks to multi-tabbed design. To put it simple, you can create one app that has Slack, an email client, and analytics — all within a single interface. 
  • Turn a Chrome-only site into an app. The app natively supports Chrome Canary, so you can test its functionality inside your apps. It also works for Chrome exclusive sites like Spotify web player. 
  • Build enhanced email apps. While Unite will cope with turning Gmail into a native app, everything that goes beyond this task is the job of Coherence Pro. Add additional features, import Chrome extensions, or use multiple mail accounts within a multi-tabbed interface. 

Both Unite and Coherence Pro are available on Setapp — catering for your app creation needs. 

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