10 weeks of productivity with Setapp

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It's easy to stay productive when you are excited about your tasks, your work environment is perfect, and you are experiencing zero stress. But how can we stay just as productive when we are going through a hard time?

Setapp helps you stay productive through challenging times with dedicated productivity tools and apps that empower you to tackle tasks easier, faster, and more efficiently.

Consistent productivity can get difficult to maintain, but we are determined to help you do so. Which is why in the run up to the International Productivity Day on June 20, we are launching a special project — 10 Weeks of Productivity.

We know what it’s like to have too much on your plate. This is when productivity solutions help you automate, simplify, and save time.

Over the coming 10 weeks, we will be celebrating productivity with a curated series of content sharing everything we know about staying productive, no matter the circumstances. Be on the lookout for more articles, social media posts, and other updates from us focusing on maintaining and improving your productivity.

But that is not all.

As part of this project, we are also opening up an extended trial of Setapp.

Help yourself discover new ways to be productive with tools available in Setapp or invite your friends to try out Setapp for longer! With now double the time to explore the apps on Setapp (and their combinations), it’s now easier than ever to figure out if Setapp fits your workflow.

Get 14-day Setapp free trial

Explore Setapp with our extended 14-day free trial — begin your Setapp trial between April 18, 2022, and June 20, 2022, and enjoy twice the free time with all the productivity apps on Setapp.

Get the extended trial by signing up to Setapp here.

Enjoy your two free weeks of Setapp before you decide if it helps your productivity soar!

What do you get?

By signing up to Setapp’s extended 14-day free trial you get all the usual free trial functionality but for double the time. With Setapp extended free trial, you access:

  • free experience with all of Setapp functionality
  • countless apps for taking on your daily tasks
  • app recommendations to help you discover the tools to improve your workflow
  • easy search of apps by task
  • automatic app updates for the apps you’ve installed from Setapp
  • one payment, all the productivity tools you need

How to use?

To use Setapp extended trial, follow this link, create your Setapp account, and begin the trial between April 18, 2022, and June 20, 2022.

Even if your trial starts on June 20, 2022, you will still get the full 14 days of Setapp for free.

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