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Email is dead, long live email.

If you have been paying attention, newsletters have been slowly taking over the informational landscape — Substack and Revue provided platforms for authors to distribute their original content via an email subscription and make money off it. Facebook recently jumped in the game with its own Bulletin.

And these new tools are not just a branch of creator economy, they reflect the reality that the demand for curated, trusted content is here. Just like with apps, there’s just too much news and too little time to explore them all.

Here at Setapp, we are curating tools for your productivity to save you time on looking for the right tool. We even anticipate your needs by curating tools that you might not have even thought of but we know can help you save time and optimize your workflow very effectively. Curated newsletters do just that. This is why we are extending the value we provide with curated productivity tools to information.

Meet Setapp Stories.

Our team has produced a weekly curated newsletter to empower you through engaging and accessible content that doesn’t take hours off your schedule to consume.

Setapp Stories at a glance

  • Curated weekly newsletter by Setapp

  • Delivers some of the most notable stories of the week in a digestible format

  • (Usually) gets to your inbox on Fridays

  • Free to subscribe and free from ads

  • Features an opener, a quick look at key stories of the week, and a post-credits scene

  • Takes less than 5 minutes to read

Why Setapp Stories

Reading through news feeds every day to stay on top of what’s going on in the world is somewhat of a futile effort. It takes tons of time to really cover everything important and most of what you read is too minor a development to really matter in the big picture. There’s a philosophical metaphor somewhere in here about losing the tree behind the branches.

To cut the informational noise, Setapp Stories team sifts through the news surfacing over any given week (sometimes two) and hand-picks the items that have the potential to actually matter in the long run. This way, Setapp Stories readers can get the gist of what’s going on in the world of tech and business without spending hours scrolling the headlines.

A look inside Setapp Stories

Setapp Stories is a collection of stories that’s structured as the opener — a look at one of the more exciting news of the week, — followed by a quick selection of brief news items that only really warrant a few sentences to cover, followed by a varying number of features dedicated to one or several developments that might require more context to outline.

The newsletter closes with a post-credits scene that usually throws the reader back in time to the same date but different year to remind of something important that took place in that slice of history and provide a frame for the modern state of the world.

To sum it up:

  • The Opener provides a look at one of the more discussed stories of the week, e.g. Pegasus spyware, new foldables, or other exciting bits of news.

  • The Elsewhere section lists 5-7 news titbits on big business deals, tech developments, space launches, and the like that don’t require too much talking but are worthy of noting.

  • Short features cover individual stories that require more context.

  • Post-credits scene revisits an event, announcement, or other news in tech or business history that commenced on that day and paved the way for the present. Remember Vine? On August 20, 2013, The Verge shared news that this short form video platform hit 40 million registered users. By December 2015, the number of active users exceeded 200 million, as per Wikipedia. The service even saw its own generation of stars cropping up, including three time Grammy-nominated singer Shawn Mendes (thanks for the reminder, E!) — before slowly wilting away and diving into oblivion in late 2010s.

See what Setapp Stories look like here.

Why sign up

Just like everything on Setapp, Setapp Stories are designed to make you more efficient and productive, save your hours of scrolling time, and provide valuable tools that empower you to do great work.

If you’re a busy professional who wants to keep up to date with the latest hot tech and biz news, Setapp Stories is for you.

With Setapp Stories, Setapp is more than a platform for curated tools that can increase your productivity. We are evolving into a full-on productivity hub where you can expand your horizons for amazing results.

Feels exciting? Subscribe to the free Setapp Stories newsletter here. Already subbed? Click your personalized link in the Spread the love section of Setapp Stories in your inbox to refer a friend!

Source: Setapp Stories press release

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