TablePlus database app available on Setapp

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Setapp is adding the pro version of a brilliant database management tool to its collection — TablePlus. Now, you can share, create, access and organize data easier and faster.

What is TablePlus

TablePlus is a modern, native database administration tool for developers who work frequently with information stored in databases. There are a few things that make TablePlus stand out:

  • Native build means simple, fast and efficient performance
  • Intuitive UI eliminates the learning curve
  • Security features like libssh and TLS encrypt your connection
  • JavaScript plugin system allows for straightforward app improvements

Why use TablePlus

Get critical insights into a large database by looking at your data in multiple tabs and controlling all changes with code review.

Manipulate data effectively with well-known SQL Editor functionality: highlight syntax, horizontal pane split, Beautify SQL, etc.

Use a database manager with enough flexibility to customize the appearance that matches the way you work.

Starting today, try TablePlus on Setapp free and see how much easier managing databases can be. Then, let us know what you think!

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