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Core Shell

Ratings and reviews Core Shell

Positive reviews percentage
422 ratings

Core Shell via Setapp

Full-featured SSH terminal

Professionally, toggle between tons of hosts with Core Shell. This full-featured terminal for Mac allows you to customize connections, get access to advanced features – from proxy jump to agent forwarding, and organize hosts by tags for convenience. The beautiful part of the story, you can set a custom color scheme for your SSH client.
version 3.6.2
requires macOS 10.14 or later

Core Shell features

Simplify remote connections

While it passed *vttest* (Terminal’s core functionality test), the app is fully compatible with Apple’s native SSH client. But with Core Shell you also get tons of customization options, one-click login, and automatic reconnect. An improved version of any SSH terminal.

Benefit from OpenSSH

Core Shell has built-in OpenSSH support, which gives you access to multiple pro options like post command, proxy jump, agent forwarding, etc. Advanced users can also employ their existing ‘ssh_config’ files to unlock features in Core Shell.

Advanced per-host editing

Not only do you get power to manage advanced options, but also change settings for each of these options across different hosts. In case you get confused with configurations, access all the information about ssh directives via contextual help.

Integration with Keychain

Connection means passwords and passphrases. To make your life easier, Core Shell ensures you don’t have to keep them all in mind. The app securely integrates with macOS Keychain to remember your login details. It’s totally optional, though – opt-in or opt-out any time.

Color optimization

Your SSH terminal deserves the best look. In Core Shell, you can choose from among eight different color schemes such as Dracula, Ocean, or Solarized. Automatically, the app aligns themes with text to optimize color balance.

Organize hosts by tags

Instantly locate any of your hosts using tags. Core Shell allows you to assign custom tags when registering new hosts or organize them via drag and drop. A must-have feature for those dealing with hundreds or thousands of hosts.

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Core Shell
Positive reviews percentage
422 ratings
version 3.6.2
requires :platform 10.14 or later
Core Shell
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