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35 ratings

iMeetingX via Setapp

Run meetings effectively

Instead of switching between calendars, task managers, and note-taking services to organize meetings, you can have one solution that covers it all. iMeetingX brings GTD and meeting management tools together in one handy app. Plan, schedule, and act on insights from business meetings and workshops.
version 2.0.11
requires macOS 10.13 or later

iMeetingX features

Initiate projects

Weave your meetings into a project, keeping everything you need in one digital spot. Select Initiate in the top left corner to start a project. From there, add participants, create distribution groups, and pick meeting types – you can give your project any shape.

Send invites and meeting minutes

Due to robust integrations with Calendar, Contacts, and cloud services, data import in iMeetingX is a one-click thing. This means you can batch upload participants lists and attachments instantly. Once it’s all there, prepare invites and meeting minutes for an easy share.

In-built task manager

With a full-featured task management tool, iMeetingX creates links between your projects and to-dos. From action items to requirements to decisions, the app allows you to group and organize different types of tasks. Easy to handle, easy to get done.

Smart lists

To keep track of multiple tasks across projects, bring your goals into smart lists. These allow you to easily track progress, filtering tasks by any set of attributes. You can use default lists or create new ones, based on custom task specifications.

Ready-to-use templates

iMeetingX comes with basic templates for meeting notes, entries, and invitations, which you can grab under “Meeting Types and Appearance.” What’s more, the app has agenda templates as well as suggests objectives for different types of meetings – from project kick off to closing.

Restore from archive

Another feature that the app can boast is its endless memory. Whether you’ve lost notes from the last year’s meeting or have to review an old project, anything can be restored with iMeetingX. Click on Archive, quickly locate the item, and give it a second life.

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Positive reviews percentage
35 ratings
version 2.0.11
requires :platform 10.13 or later
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