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Ratings and reviews PixelSnap

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846 ratings

PixelSnap via Setapp

Measure anything on the screen

PixelSnap is an irreplaceable screen measurement tool for designers, web-developers, and anyone who uses a Mac for design work. The app accurately measures pixels on screen, distances and objects across a web page, while you drag the cursor around. Having a native CleanShot integration, PixelSnap will even take screenshots of your perfectly scaled elements.
version 2.5.4
requires macOS 10.13 or later

PixelSnap features

See through all distances

Whether you’re working on a new layout or just exploring design trends, PixelSnap will help you nail the distances between elements on a web page. Select Find Dimensions in the app’s menu, click on your layout element and drag the cursor. The app will reflect distances right away.

Capture objects on screen

PixelSnap can snap to the tiniest elements on your screen. Capture the area — like you do with screenshots — and the app will give you precise dimensions of the object. You can even capture the sizes of multiple elements on the same screen.

A fast way to check alignment

Of course, it can be your design decision to have a chaotic layout. Otherwise, you’ll need the elements on your page to be horizontally and vertically aligned. PixelSnap allows you to add and hold snappable guides on the screen — for flawless alignment.

Save screenshots

PixelSnap has a native integration with CleanShot, a screen capture utility for Mac. So whenever you’re measuring anything on your screen, you can hit S to grab a screenshot, edit it via Quick Access Overlay, and click Save. The screen capture will be saved to your selected export location.

Customize your journey

Right from the menu bar, you can adjust tolerance level — it goes from zero to high. It will help you capture the subtlest elements like shadows and gradients. You can also completely customize the way PixelSnap works for you, from overlay colors to themes to shortcuts.

Align with other design software

PixelSnap integrates with the most popular professional design tools. So if you already have a design routine, the app will definitely fit in. It works with Adobe XD and Sketch as well as supports Retina — ensuring you have the most cutting-edge experience.

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Positive reviews percentage
846 ratings
version 2.5.4
requires :platform 10.13 or later
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