Every fricking glyph at your fingertips

It’s like a vocabulary you need to create the best stuff on Mac. That’s what Glyphfinder is — a robust character search built into a Mac’s menu bar. Save yourself the trouble of googling glyphs with more than 34.000 characters always at hand.

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Features von Glyphfinder

Just tell what it looks like

If we talk Unicode, it has around 200 variations of arrows — and arrows only! So you might really benefit from the search that helps you find the right one just by describing how it looks. Aside from look-alikes, you can search by categories, words, or colors. There’s no way to ever get it wrong.

Expand your emoji lexicon

Glyphfinder includes an emoji for virtually anything you want to express. The collection of emojis is included into the app’s character search — and it’s just as effortless. In fact, many people stop using words once they discover Glyphfinder emoji database, just saying.

Always at your fingertips

Glyphfinder lives unnoticeably in your menu bar, with most frequently used glyphs pinned to the top. Hit the icon to open the search, ask for your ideal glyph, copy it, and the window automatically disappears. No time wasted! Express yourself and enrich your work with the unique characters in a flash.

Shortcuts for keyboard pros

More speed? That’s possible. If you are a seasoned keyboard ninja, you don’t even have to move your cursor to the menu bar to capture a glyph. Simply hit Ctrl + Command + G and Glyphfinder search opens right away. You can also add custom shortcuts for your favorite glyphs.

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