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Pick The Right Font Every Time With Typeface

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Choosing the right font is trickier than it might seem. Sure, there are a few obvious errors to avoid, like using Papyrus for a menu. Or using Papyrus for a presentation. Or using Papyrus for, well, anything. But matching the right font to a project isn’t always so easy, especially when there’s no easy way to compare and search for fonts.

That’s where Typeface comes in.

Pick the perfect typeface every time

Typeface is a smart macOS font manager that lets you browse a font collection, manage and preview fonts, and compare your options side-by-side.

With a minimal interface and a collection of useful tools, the app gives you everything you need to make an informed decision for choosing and using perfect typefaces. Test out fonts with custom or standard phrases, adjust sizing in real time, and keep everything organized with a simple tagging system. Here’s how to get to the top of your type game.

Browsing and previewing all available fonts

In the app’s main screen, you can survey all available fonts on your Mac. The search bar at right lets you hunt for specific fonts by name.

  1. Click and drag the slider bar at the top of the screen to automatically adjust the display size for all fonts
  2. Click an individual font for a closer look

Typeface browse and preview

Adding tags to categorize your fonts

The app makes organization a snap with its simple tagging system. The left-hand panel shows all active tags; you can drag and drop any font to tag it.

If you need to create a new tag, just click the plus icon at the bottom of the panel. Enter a name for your custom tag and press enter to add it to the list. You can add a font to as many tags as you’d like.

Typeface add tags

Managing fonts with ease

To get more information on a font, just click it. Under the Characters tab, you’ll be able to see all letterforms for that font, in both uppercase and lowercase. This includes punctuation and special characters.

Click over to the Info tab to see background information, supported languages, and which tags that font has been assigned. To change the display text, click button marked Aa and use the drop-down menu to choose from a list of standard displays; you can also type a custom word or phrase into the field.

Typeface manage fonts

Grouping fonts with quick collection

The quick collection is your on-the-go palette for comparing possible fonts for a project. It gives you an easily accessible place where you can examine your candidates side-by-side.

To add a font to the collection, just click and drag to the Quick Collection icon; click that same icon to see everything you’ve added side by side.

Typeface quick collections

With Typeface you’ll see what a difference the right font can make. Download a free trial from Setapp today and never waste time by comparing fonts the old way ever again.

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