Archiver app: Compress, Preview and Open Any Archive Files

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Archiver is a straightforward way to compress and unpack a variety of archive file types, including ZIP, RAR, and StuffIt. The app goes far beyond standard archiving programs, giving you the option to split large files into manageable pieces, preview the contents of archive files without unpacking them, and offering a simple drag-and-drop interface.

How to use Archiver utility to compress, preview and open any rar and zip

Once you get in the habit of compressing your files, you’ll be surprised at how much disk space you can save. Plus, you’ll be able to encrypt and password protect anything you compress, adding another layer of security.

Here’s how the Archiver app works:

Compress files and directories

Making an archive file couldn’t be more intuitive. First, select the files that you’d like to compress into an archive. Then drag and drop those files into the compressor window. When you’ve got everything in place, hit the “Archive” button, select the format you’d like to compress your files into, and you’ll have a neat, space-saving archive in just a few seconds.

compress files archiver

Extract files from any archive

When it’s time to unpack an archive, drag it into the same window. You’ll be able to review the contents of the archive, and you can save time and clutter by selecting only the files you actually need. When you’ve made your decision, hit the “extract” button.

Split a large archive file into multiple small files

Sometimes, attachment limits can make it hard to send large files by email. For very large files, even compression isn’t enough to get them under the limit. Luckily, Archiver lets you split these files into smaller pieces.

Simply drag the file into the app window and click the “split” button. You’ll be able to choose your preferred format for the split files and set a maximum size for each chunk. The receiving party can then recombine the file on their end.

split files archiver

View the archive content without extracting

One of the major drawbacks of archive files is that they’re not easily searchable. On most platforms, ZIP files have to be decompressed before they can be read, making it annoying and difficult to find the file you’re looking for. This app eliminates the problem with a simple “preview” feature.

When you open any archive file in the app window, you’ll be able to see what files it contains, and open a preview of each of those files. So whether you’re looking for the right draft of a paper or the perfect photo, you can extract only what you need.

preview files archiver

Archived files can be a pain to manage. Archiver makes the whole process painless. 

Make sure you’re getting the best of both worlds: you can keep your files secure, free up disk space, and still have the information searchable and accessible with a simple drag and drop.

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