Paste releases new clipboard manager for iOS

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While apps on Setapp update regularly, sometimes a new version turns out to be so major that we can’t help but share it with everyone. Paste — a robust, unlimited clipboard manager we use daily — just released its free iOS companion app (Paste for iOS is available for free with an upgrade on iPad).

Bottomless clipboard manager

Paste is one of those apps that corrects the inexplicable shortcomings of your macOS — a single copy-paste capacity. Chances are that even today you found yourself in a situation when you’d already copied something to your clipboard and needed to copy one more item before pasting. Well, Paste extends this queue from one to infinity.

Even better, the app features a visualized history of all your clippings and lets you search through them using customized filters.

For extra productivity, you can save your frequently used snippets to Pinboards, which could be created and organized easily. In addition, set custom shortcuts to access everything you need in a snap.

Add iOS for seamless workflow

The team behind Paste worked hard to release the widely requested iOS update, making 379 improvements under the hood of the app itself and spending 467 hours building out the iOS version.

Now everything you copy on your Mac is instantly available on your iPhone through iCloud sync. Besides the iOS app features:

  • Near infinite clipboard capacity with unlimited history

  • Pinboards that keep all frequent snippets ready to go

  • Extended search by copied content, content type, and application

  • Clipboard sharing with your friends (through AirDrop, etc.)

The best part — while the macOS Paste app is included with your Setapp subscription,  Paste for iOS is available for free with an upgrade on iPad. So by being a Setapp user you get the best of both worlds. Try Paste now!

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