Discover the power of AI email assistance with Ready to Send | [Video tutorial]

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Do you like the sound of a personal assistant handling all those pesky emails filling your inbox? Now, you can simply download one. Ready to Send uses the power of AI to auto-generate the perfect response to every email in your unique tone of voice.

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  • 00:12 What is Ready to Send?
  • 00:18 How Brad created Ready to Send
  • 00:45 What problem does Ready to Send solve?
  • 01:07 Development challenges of Ready to Send
  • 01:47 The biggest complications on the AI tools market 
  • 02:11 Brad's favorite AI tools
  • 02:43 How AI products impact our daily lives?

What is it about?

Over 300 billion emails are sent worldwide every single day – though we all know that when those projects start piling up, that can feel like a personal figure. Why not let the AI-powered Ready to Send app share the load?

We sat down with Brad Miller, Ready to Send founder, to see how his app came into being, the challenges he faced in bringing it to life, and, most importantly, how Ready to Send can make your everyday life a bit easier.

Brad's big idea was to incorporate AI into email software to automatically generate responses and organize your correspondence. The result: Ready to Send, a sleek AI assistant that simulates your tone of voice, follows your instructions, and drafts the perfect response to all those important emails begging for your attention.

Brad took us through his development process, explaining the challenges he faced and the problems he solved, as well as giving expert insight on his favorite AI tools today and how he believes AI products can impact all our daily lives for the better.

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