How to organize your tasks & routines with Mac widgets [Video tutorial]

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Trying to stay on top of things and never miss a deadline? Discover the best tips and proven tools that will help you manage your tasks (and just life events) right from your desktop.

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  • 00:03 How macOS Sonoma widgets can boost your productivity
  • 00:49 How to customize widgets to display websites, apps, Mac stats, and more with WidgetWall
  • 01:19 How to manage to-do lists from the desktop with SideNotes
  • 01:54 How to track key events and deadlines with Moment
  • 02:33 Free trial of 240+ top productivity tools from Setapp

What is it about?

Actually, this video is not just about Mac widgets. It's also about how to clear your mind of the long list of tasks, to-dos, and ideas that are constantly flashing in the background of your brain, and start noticing life.

[Based on our own experiences with missed deadlines and forgotten events].

After an overview of macOS widgets, we’ll examine 3 tools that will take your widget work to the next level.

First, you’ll find out how to turn almost anything into a Mac widget: your favorite website, app, picture, Mac stats, and so on.

Then, we'll move on to the most minimalist to-do list (without a bunch of mandatory fields to fill in). With it, you'll jot down a handy note or a task list in seconds. Honestly.

And we'll close with an app that proves that every day matters. It keeps track of important life events, like the exact age of your cat, the number of days you've worked at a particular company, or the days left until your birthday.

Let these apps take care of you.

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