Streamline your work day with AI-powered apps [Video tutorial]

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Think AI's all just ChatGPT? Think again: in this video, we delve into three remarkable AI apps that are transforming the way professionals go about their work day. Jump on the AI bandwagon and see how these AI apps can keep your workflow…well, flowing!

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What is it about?

Let's be honest: we could all do with a little assistance now and then. This video helps you navigate your application options to find AI solutions to meet your every need. 

For a fully-customizable AI assistant that lets you interact with AI characters, use 160 ready-made prompts, and perform extensive internet searches all in one place, we've highlighted Typing Mind as a forefront option.

And if you're looking for something that'll save you time slimming down that inbox, how about an AI-powered email assistant? With Canary Mail, you can organize, compose, and even secure your correspondence on one of the most comprehensive AI email apps out there.

Craft gives you ultimate creative control over your notes, not only letting you produce beautiful multimedia documents but also helping you optimize your content with cutting-edge generative AI. Craft puts the power of creativity back in your hands so you can focus on the fun part!

Just let Setapp apps improve your workflow.

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