What is the best AI math solver

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If you use ChatGPT for maths, be prepared for some unpredictable results. ChatGPT can solve simple problems but struggle with complex ones. That’s because the AI model that ChatGPT uses is designed to solve language problems, not algebra. 

Instead, a dedicated AI math solver app is the better option. Math AI apps make no mistakes, whether solving elementary or college-grade equations. Moreover, some apps provide step-to-step solutions that let you compare with your own calculations. 

Let’s get right into it. 

Best AI Math solver for Mac and iPhone

You can count on these apps to tackle tricky math problems.

1. TypingMind: Makes ChatGPT do maths more accurately

You shouldn’t solve math with ChatGPT because you risk turning in the wrong answers. That said, you can improve ChatGPT’s calculation accuracy with TypingMind

calculation in Typingmind></p>
<p>TypingMind is an app that makes <a href=TypingMind is an app that makes ChatGPT easier to use. By enabling the Simple Calculator plug-in, ChatGPT can understand math problems more easily. Typing Mind also offers more privacy and provides several AI characters to improve your productivity. 

  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with different tools and services
  • Supports different language models
  • Needs an OpenAI API key to work with GPT4

Price: Included in Setapp

2. Soulver: Quick calculations for daily use

Soulver is a math app that understands conversational language. You can think of Solver as the algebra helper you carry in your pocket. It works like Note, except that Soulver lets you write math problems on the left and provides the answers on the right. 

Besides math calculations, it can convert currencies, weight, temperature, and other parameters to different units. For example, type “79kg in pounds”, and Soulver will answer with 174.17 lb. 

  • Ideal for quick calculations involving small variables
  • Can edit questions and recalculate answers in real-time
  • Synchronizes across your Apple devices
  • Doesn’t have an autocomplete feature for math variables

Price: Included in Setapp

3. Photomath: Provide step-by-step explanations

Photomath is a math solver that uses AI and optical recognition technologies to analyze math problems. Just take a screenshot of the question, and the app will identify the math symbols and equations. 

Photomath iOS calculator

From calculus to trigonometry, Photomath can accurately answer questions thanks to its powerful AI engine and algebra knowledgebase. On top of that, the app demonstrates every step it takes to get the answer. 

You can use Photomath for free, but subscribing to premium plans unlocks visual aids and solutions for hundreds of textbooks. 

  • Shows every step leading to the mathematical solution
  • Easy to use
  • Covers a wide range of maths disciplines
  • It struggles to solve complex diagram problems. 

Price: Free. Premium subscription starts from $9.99 monthly.

4. AI:R MATH: Get help from expert tutors 24/7.

AI:R MATH works similarly to PhotoMath. Capture a snapshot of the question you need answering, and the app will do its best to solve it. Within seconds, you’ll get the answer, plus the entire steps leading to it.

Al Math Homework Solver website

With AI:Math, you will likely find answers — even for the toughest questions. And if you don’t, you can reach out to expert math tutors. Either way, the app ensures you’re not stuck with your math homework. 

  • Provides fast and accurate answers
  • Able to solve complex math problems
  • Access to math experts 24/7
  • Limited question tickets with the free plan

Price: Free with limited tickets. Premium plan from $29.99/month

5. PocketCAS: Best for plotting complex equations

PocketCAS is the best AI math solver with plotting capabilities. The app lets college students visualize complex equations in 2D and 3D spaces. Just like what you’ll expect from a TI–89 calculator, PocketCAS has every feature to take on complex algebra, trigonometry, integrals, and more.

The app makes creating physical formulas easy with custom scripting languages, a visual matrix editor, and a dedicated match keyboard. Need to add a numeric constant or symbol quickly? You can do that effortlessly with PocketCAS.

PocketCAS graph

  • Excellent for complex numbers and symbolic calculations
  • Large library of mathematical functions
  • Can compare multiple mathematical components in the same plot
  • Limited documentations

Price: Included in Setapp

6. Gauthmath: AI homework helper

AI is the best to solve math problems and Gauthmath is exactly that. You can use Gauthmath to answer math problems at fundamental and advanced academic levels. Unlike AI:R MATH and Photomath, Gauthmath can also answer questions from other subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, and economics.

Gauthmath calculator

Gauthmath is the go-to AI tutoring app if you want to excel across the entire academic spectrum. Besides providing AI-generated answers, Gauthmath can connect you to subject matter experts for further learning.

  • Answers math problems in seconds
  • Covers a wide range of subjects, including maths, chemistry, physics and biology
  • Support from thousands of expert tutors
  • Occasionally gives the wrong answer

Price: Free. $11.99 monthly to unlock advanced features.

7. Numi - Express math problems with everyday language

Numi is a lightweight AI math problem solver that excels in simple and intermediate calculations. Using natural language understanding technologies, the app can analyze mathematical problems expressed in text and calculate them in real time. 

Numi calculator

For example, you can ask Numi to convert USD to Euro, return a percentage of the amount, or calculate time differences between cities. 

  • Easy to use
  • Understand text and numbers in natural language
  • Save and synchronize results on iCloud
  • Some users face difficulties integrating Numi with Alfred.

Price: Included in Setapp

Solve maths correctly with ChatGPT alternatives

ChatGPT isn’t the most reliable app for solving math problems, particularly complex ones. If you insist on using ChatGPT, we suggest using TypingMind. It has a math calculation plugin that improves ChatGPT’s calculation accuracy.

Step-by-step explanationNatural language understanding Graph plottingPlatformPrice
TypingMindNoYesNoMacIncluded in Setapp
SoulverNoYesNoMac, iOsIncluded in Setapp
iOS, Android$9.99 monthly (Free plan available)
AI:R MATHYesYesNoiOS, Web, Android$29.99/month (Free plan with limited usage)
PocketCASNoNoYesMacIncluded in Setapp
GauthmathYesYesNoWeb$11.99 (Free with limited features)
NumiNoYesNoMacIncluded in Setapp

Otherwise, it’s better to use AI apps designed for complex arithmetic operations. If you’re a student, Photomath, AI:R MATH, and Gauthmath are apps that use AI to analyze math problems and explain the solutions provided.

Meanwhile, PocketCAS lets you plot, visualize, and understand variables when dealing with polynomials, integrals, and other complex calculus subjects. If you want a minimalist but powerful AI calculator for work, study, or travel, Soulver and Numi are the best options.

You can download TypingMind, Soulver, PocketCAS, and Numi with a Setapp subscription. Setapp lets you access dozens of productivity apps at an affordable cost. Try Setapp for 7 days at no cost today. 

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