Best math equation solver apps for Mac in 2023

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Studying is tough for anyone. It’s a long, tedious process – and we’re sure you’d rather be doing just about anything else. 

Math is a great example of how difficult studying can be. For many, what they learned in school has left their mind by the time they get home and have to start doing homework. And the teachers want you to show your work, which feels silly in a digital age.

While math is an important skill to know, much of the complexities can be eased away with math apps. A good math solver app helps you arrive at the correct solutions quickly, and many even show the steps it took to get there. The best apps are useful for a wide range of math disciplines like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and beyond.

We’ll show you how to solve any math problem with some incredible step by step math solver apps for your Mac, no matter what level of math you’re studying in school.

How to Solve My Math Problem?

While making your way in education, you’ll learn the ins and outs of mathematics, which is helpful for solving equations by hand and understanding how to solve math problems. Once you understand how math works, knowing how to solve equations on paper is likely a waste of time. This is especially true when you arrive at advanced math coursework. Most of the time, the tedium of writing problems out by hand is unnecessary, unwanted by instructors, and downright time consuming. 

Here are some popular options for solving math equations:

  • Continue solving math step by step on paper. If you want to put pencil to paper, be our guest – but there are easier ways!
  • Visit a free algebra calculator website. There are many sites that allow you to enter math equations to see a solution. Most are free to use and may offer step by step solutions, but you’re reliant on a connection to the web. It’s also unclear if your data is being used for something else, or if the site is downloading malware onto your computer without you noticing. There may also be steep subscription fees for using a website.
  • Use Excel. You can use Microsoft Excel to do quite a bit of math, but it takes a lot of setup, and the interface is quite different from other math apps and services. Excel isn’t meant for pure math, and it shows. You also may not be able to export your calculations in a usable for for research papers.
  • Get a good calculator. It’s no secret using a calculator is how many students prefer to solve math equation problems. From algebra onward, just about every student has a calculator in their bag. They’re good machines, manual machines for math – but there is still a better way.
  • Download a native app. A good native math app for your Mac can be any and everything you need. It can be a calculator, freehand tool, and a solid math problem solver with steps laid out in full. Best of all, you’re not reliant on a network connection to use native apps!

Best Equation Solver Math Apps for Mac

In math, equations are defined strictly by the equals sign: =. When you see the equals sign, you have an equation. But that’s not all there is to an equation, especially in algebraic math and beyond.

In the screenshot above, the first five (5) is a “coefficient,” and the ‘x’ is called a “variable.” The subtraction and plus signs (-, +) are defined as “operators,” and the final five (5) is a constant. The solution, zero (0), is also a constant. Everything to the left of the equals sign is what is referred to as an “expression”.

Each side of an operator is defined as a “term.” In the above equation, 5x, 8x, 5, and 0 are all terms. Once an operator is introduced, the term is considered closed. To be correct, everything on the left side of the equation must be equal to the solution on the right side of the equals sign. Apps like MathKey make quick work of these types of problems.

Math equations are daunting, and one of the most common hurdles every student will need to overcome. Like MathKey, there are tons of great apps that can help students both solve math equations and help produce stunning reports for classes.

You may be asking “which is the right app to solve my math problem?” Like math problems, apps come in a wide variety. It’s best to consider your needs first. Here we’ll discuss math solution apps and algebraic calculators, both of which are useful depending on the level of math you’re learning, and what needs you have in your classes. 

Best Math Equation Solver

Experienced math students may find favor with MathKey and its incredible LaTex engine. Others at this level and slightly below may enjoy PocketCAS instead, which has some powerful functionality for college level math students.

PocketCAS bills itself as “a TI-89 calculator built into your macOS,” and it’s a fair assessment. It can plot graphs in 2D or 3D, has a built-in visual matrix editor, and has built in constants and symbols to help you enter the exact calculation you need. If you would rather use your iPhone or iPad, PocketCAS syncs to its iOS and iPadOS apps via iCloud to keep all your work in one place.

The first example we provided was algebraic – but what about more advanced math, like trigonometry? PocketCAS is perfect. Its rich library of symbols helps you enter any equation, and it accepts keyboard entry as well. As you enter equations, PocketCAS identifies the components of that variable and alters their color. In the example below, “tan” turned purple as it was entered into PocketCAS: 


Because PocketCAS accepts keyboard input, using the built-in keyboard shortcut (option + 0) for the degree symbols as accepted. the app can also graph, create 2D or 3D plots, and script your equations with its C-like scripting support engine. Another exciting feature of PocketCAS is when you make a mistake, simply double-clicking the solution in the app brings you back to the equation entry field, where you can make edits. 


Another great app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad is Euclid. It follows a more familiar functions, digits, and operators layout in its main window, with the solution up top. Of all the calculator apps available for Mac, this is the most – well, calculator-like of the bunch!

Euclid is also incredibly powerful. One key trait is Euclid allows you to use your favorite Excel formulas, a handy tool if you’ve been using Excel for calculations. It’s also a LaTex editor, calculating even the most intense equations with ease.

Euclid is also handy for conversions, and claims to be able to “convert anything.” Dimensions, currencies, electricity – you name it, Euclid can likely convert it. These features alone make it a great app for everyone. 


Best Algebra Calculator with Steps

When you need a great algebra app for Mac, there are many great options to choose from. One of the more popular apps is Numi, a free calculator app for your Mac that uses natural language inputs to help solve equations.

Because Numi uses natural language, it also allows you to define your own variables. In the example below, we defined a cost per item, as well as a discount for an order. Simply changing the amount altered the final cost; it’s a great tool if you’ve got a set amount to spend and need to know exactly how many items to order.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Open Numi on your Mac
  2. Type in a variable name, followed by the equal sign
  3. Give the variable a value
  4. Use a natural language sentence with your variable names to get a solution 


We could have also used “price per order – discount” to get the final order amount. Numi doesn’t require that you learn a bespoke language pattern; just type normally and let it do the rest

When you need to go a step beyond normal language and straightforward conversion, PocketCAS is the likely step-up from Numi. 

The best notepad calculator

Calculators are for computers, but the Soulver calculator makes them human again. You can type in math calculations, functions, dates, and unit conversions that are easy to read and format, and the app will give you results that you can use. 

It’s especially helpful if you work a lot with different combinations of units or you often use the same calculations but plug in different numbers. 



Math students everywhere can benefit from the great apps mentioned here. No matter your education level or needs, these apps help get you the results you need. 

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