6 apps to improve macOS functionality right now [Video tutorial]

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We all love macOS, but do you ever find yourself coming up against functionality gaps that slow you down? Are you crying out for a clipboard manager, experimenting with external monitors, or looking for a dynamic AI assistant? Discover 6 incredible apps that'll make your macOS experience better than ever before.

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What is it about?

From Siri to Spotlight, macOS is packed with fantastic features – but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. We all find ourselves fighting functionality gaps every now and then. Sometimes, you just want a macOS experience optimized for you.

Well, techtuber Marina Monteiro is here to give you just that. She's dredged the web for all the best macOS apps you can use to up your Mac game and create the perfect – and most efficient – macOS experience possible.

So what if we told you you could record, annotate, and save screenshots with ultimate configurability in one super-sleek app? (CleanShot X) Or never lose anything you copy? (Paste)

Perhaps you're looking to clean up your desktop with a great menu bar organizer (Bartender), or effortlessly integrate AI capabilities into your day-to-day work (TypingMind).

How do you like the sound of custom keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, and remote triggers? (BetterTouchTool) Is perfecting those external monitor settings giving you trouble? (DisplayBuddy) Let an all-in-one platform solve it.

Wherever you're coming up against functionality gaps in your macOS journey, there's an app to see you through. And Setapp compiles them all in one place. Watch this video to discover the best of the best when it comes to macOS apps and tools and make your workload 100 times easier.

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