Screenshot tool for Mac that we love better than built-in [Video tutorial]

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Love Mac’s screenshot tool but hate its limitations? Us too. It’s all too easy to find yourself laboriously screenshotting an entire webpage section by section, or spending hours searching through screenshot file names that look like code. So today, we’re giving you our top pick for a great screenshot alternative.

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  • 00:30 The limitations of Mac’s built-in screenshot tool
  • 01:03 How to take custom screenshot shapes with Capto
  • 01:34 How to take scrolling screenshots
  • 01:41 Why not try Capto’s editing tools?
  • 01:58 How to manage your screenshots with Capto
  • 02:22 Access best apps on Mac with Setapp

What is it about?

We explore how, with Capto, you can gain more control over your screenshots and screen recordings with a few simple but significant tools. For instance, the screenshot shape options are unparalleled by built-in features: Capto lets you capture and record fully customizable shapes, giving you more creative control and saving you time in editing.

Plus, whereas Mac’s built-in tool only lets you capture what you can see, Capto’s neat scrolling screenshot option gives you the power to capture an entire page in only one shot. And when you’ve taken your screenshots, editing and annotating them to share with your team is a walk in the park. We lay out Capto’s unique editing suite so you can see for yourself.

One of the features we highlight as a real game-changer is the app’s management system, which automatically organizes screenshots simply and efficiently so you can focus more time where it matters.

If you’re interested in streamlining your screenshotting, try Capto on Setapp

Or, if you’d like to know more about alternative screenshot apps for Mac, read our review about best screenshot apps for your Mac.

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