How to take a full page screen capture on a Mac

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Screenshots on macOS devices are equally easy to do and share with others, or upload online and across social networks. But, when capturing entire webpages or any type of scrolling content, your captures are limited to what is viewable on the screen. What if you need to capture more?

We've compiled 2 handy shortcuts for how to take a screenshot of a whole web page and scrolling content on a Mac. With a Setapp subscription, you'll be able to use both for free and choose what works for you the best. Learn how to capture webpages entirely, print, copy to clipboard, add annotations, and share easily.

Take webpage screenshots entirely, edit and share them faster

This is how so-called scrolling screen capture works with it:

  1. Open the web page you need to snap.
  2. Launch Capto.
  3. Click on the Capto icon on the menu bar.
  4. Select Snap active browser URL.

Capture entire webpage

This will result in a full webpage screenshot, which will be saved to Library.  From there, you can easily crop, organize, and share your screen capture. 

Capto is useful for creative professionals, marketers, students, and anyone who needs a robust screen recorder on Mac. The problem with using Capto for full-page capturing is that it works only with web pages. If you need to grab some scrolling part of an app interface or a text doc, Capto won't help you. But we know who will.

Capture scrolling content on Mac 

CleanShot X is a universal screen capturing app for Mac, with over 50 useful features. Great news for you, scrolling capture is one of them. Here's how to use CleanShot X to save scrolling content: 

  1. Select Scrolling Capture in the app menu 
  2. Drag to select a scrollable area on your screen 
  3. Hit Start Capture and scroll down 
  4. Once you’ve captured the full scrollable area, hit Done
  5. Open your screen capture from the overlay menu and edit if needed. 


Capture scrolling screenshot with CleanShot X

How to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone and iPad

It used to be impossible but with the latest iOS update, you can now take scrolling screenshots on iPhone and iPad, too. All you need to do is choose Full page in your screenshot preview. Here’s how it works on iPhone: 

  1. Take a screenshot (press the side or top and volume up buttons) 
  2. Tap Preview in the left corner
  3. Choose Full page
  4. Edit your scrolling screenshot if you need to, then tap Done or Share.

This quick method will let you capture an entire document, file, email, note, or any content in an app or on the web.

How to capture a screen with keyboard shortcuts

All Mac keyboard shortcuts will suffice if you need to grab just the visible part of your screen.

Hold down the ⌘-Shift-3 buttons. This will record your entire screen as a screenshot.

Keyboard shortcut

To screenshot an area of your Mac screen hold down the ⌘-Shift-4 buttons, and your pointer will turn into crosshairs. Move this crosshair over any area that you want to screenshot.

Most Mac devices also make it possible to take a screenshot of a visible part of window, e.g. the files in your Desktop, just hold down ⌘-Shift-4 followed by the Space.

Take a screenshot with keyboard shortcut

When you take a screenshot on a Mac with keyboard shortcuts, the image is automatically saved to your desktop as a .PNG file with the time and date stamp for when the image was taken as the file name. You can later convert into other image formats, such as JPEG/JPGs, GIFs, etc. 

Now you can use your Mac's Preview app to crop, resize, rotate, and add some text and arrows. It offers basic tools for editing images. For more advanced features like webpage and scrolling content capturing, you’ll need to get Capto or CleanShot X — both available on Setapp for 7 days free. 

Refer to our comprehensive guide for detailed instructions on how to take screenshots on a Mac.

FAQ about scrolling screenshots

If you just want quick answers to your questions about scrolling screenshot on Mac, here are the top three things you need to know.

What are the best tools for taking a scrolling screenshot on Mac?

CleanShot X is the best universal screenshot utility for Mac with the ability to capture scrolling content. If you specifically need an app that can grab scrolling content from a web page — and that’s your only use case — try Capto. Both apps are free to try with Setapp. 

How to take a scrolling screenshot on an iPhone?

First, make sure your iPhone runs the latest iOS. Taking scrolling screenshots on iPhone is a new feature, so you need to have your system updated. To grab scrolling content, take a screenshot as usual, then click on screenshot Preview, choose Full Page, and click Save. 

How to screenshot a web page on Mac without scrolling

Capto, a screen recording and video editing app for Mac, has an option to save the entire web page. It simply captures the whole page from the URL so you don’t have to select an area or do any scrolling. 

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