Merlin Project Express

Merlin Project Express


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Merlin Project Express features

Looking for the proper feature-packed project management app for Mac? Wondering which app has enhanced collaboration tools and functionality? Overwhelmed with choices? Have a look at Merlin Project Express. This project management chart software was designed to assist you with handling any of your home and semi-professional projects, not to mention smaller ones. Definitely, it’ll be a great solution if you need to manage multiple projects, resources, and budgets both on the go and in the office. Plus, it can greatly streamline your workflow. The app comes with decent project planning and communication tools, plus it’s packed with rich sharing options. Time to recognize its power!

Comprehensive project planning tools

Create and update tasks, manage dependencies and notes, track progress without problems. Sort it out into projects, tasks, and deadlines. Indeed, the app helps achieve greater results. Scheduling tasks and managing notes made easy and fast. Use the app to gain a drastic increase in performance.

Elegant and carefully thought project templates

This fully-featured project manager app is useful for people running both one project and multiple projects with similar characteristics because it is packed with beautifully created templates. Thus, you have a starting point you can use again and again. Plus, it’s really easy to get started.

Powerful project tracking tools

Being packed with robust tracking capabilities, this decent app provides you with complete up-to-the-minute cost generation capabilities. Get to know which tasks take the most time, check the working time calendar. Analyze how each member of your team is performing against set targets.

All project resources gathered together

It’s great when all resources, including people and equipment are handled in one place, right? Collect and keep track all resources related to your project in one secure place. It’s easy to add people to your project from your Mac, simply drag them from your Mac address book. View all resources with dynamic charts and calendar views combined.

Smart work breakdown capabilities

Want to achieve long term projects’ success? Break your projects up into smaller tasks! Set daily goals and split up big and daunting tasks into smaller ones. Take full advantage of a visually clear and transparent project timeline, helping you concentrate on urgent tasks and get things done in the proper, efficient sequence.

The smart way to store additional info

Where do you add the additional info that comes with your project? Drag and drop makes it a breeze to attach emails, texts, images, and much more besides to tasks in Merlin Project Express. You can also add costs and notes later on. And if documents change at any point, that’s not an issue. Merlin Project Express remembers all the different versions. This way you can consolidate all your information in one place – in your project plan.

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Merlin Project Express
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