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Compress images without losing quality with Squash app

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No needs to specify the image compression rate - the image compressor optimize each image automatically.

Squash is a lightweight, dead-simple image compressor. If you’ve got .jpg or .png image files that are too big to send or that are taking up too much room, this is the app for you. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to compress pictures one at a time, or in batches.

Plus, you can adjust its output settings with just a few clicks. Need some organizational help while you’re at it? Use the app’s built-in file renamer to bring some order to your image library. Here’s how to start Squashing.

How to reduce size of pictures in just two clicks

To start using the app, just drag a .jpg or .png image file onto the big clamp in the app window. As soon as you drop it, your image will be squashed. Squash will let you know how much the file size was reduced by (or if it was Unsquashable).

If you want to keep the compressed version of the image just click the large button marked Save Image and select a destination. You can do this with individual images, or drag a group of files and compress them at the same time.

The easiest image compression ever

Customize image compression settings

You can specify the image compression rate, change the storage format, or remove JPG data to reduce image size. 

  1. Click the “gear” icon in the bottom-left corner to adjust your compression settings.
    You can choose whether you’d like to save your squashed files as .png, convert your .png files to .jpg, or remove .jpg metadata for more compression.
  2. Use the slider bar to select how much you’d like to compress your images: lower image quality means more compression and a smaller final file size.

Compression settings

Renaming and reorganizing

If you need help organizing your images, the app’s file renamer has you covered. It automatically adds a suffix to the name of every squashed file, making them easy to separate and sort.

To set up this function, click the “gear” icon and enter a suffix in the designated field. You can also designate a folder for all your squashed files to appear in — just use the drop-down menu marked “Automatically save files to…”

Rename all your squashed files

With Squash in Setapp, you get a simple and powerful way to compress any number of image files, and organize them to boot. Two great reasons to keep that clamp spinning!

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