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Manage Multiple Databases Simply and Securely with TablePlus

2 min read

Managing multiple databases can be a headache if you’re forever switching between many different accounts and types. Many existing database tools that claim to ease the pain are clunky and fail to address key issues that database managers regularly face, plus they can be costly to boot.

TablePlus’s clean and fresh UI, with its multiple tabs/windows and keyboard shortcuts, makes juggling multiple databases a piece of cake. And because you’re not limited to just a couple of different languages or extensions, it might just be the only piece of database management software you’ll ever need.

Choose from a range of database types

TablePlus offers a ton of compatibility so it suits any project that might come your way, from SQL variants like MySQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server through to Cassandra, Oracle, and Redis.

No matter which type(s) of database you’re managing, the app will also review changes you make to code, highlighting syntax and possible errors. Welcome news if you’ve ever found the SQL editor Mac users have always dreamed of, only to realize that it can’t handle any other database types...

tableplus create new connection

Create or import connections

You can manually enter new connections in TablePlus but, if time is of the essence, you can also import all of the relevant information by copy-pasting the database URL. You’re always just a couple of clicks away from being able to backup databases to, and restore them from, local storage using a .dump file.

tableplus import connection

Filter data and make changes inline

Making changes to existing data is a breeze using inline editing, and feels just like editing a cell in a spreadsheet. On the off chance you can’t find the field you’re looking for, you can use the app’s search (which includes autocomplete) and filter functions to track down whatever it is you need, quicker than any database diagram tool.

tableplus make changes

Customize how your database looks

Sometimes a simple feature can make all the difference, which is why you should never underestimate something like dark mode. Whether you’re staring at rows of data all day (well, night for a typical developer) or using a relational database tool, close computer work can be tough on the eyes. Enabling TablePlus’s dark theme — which is available for all users with registered accounts — can be a big help for reducing some of that strain.

Customize your database

Managing multiple databases can be time-consuming and require committing various usernames and passwords to memory, but it doesn’t need to be so arduous. Nor does it need to involve using blocky software that costs an arm and a leg...and looks like it belongs in the 90s. And let’s be honest, maintaining a relational database for Mac has not historically been the prettiest of activities.

Give TablePlus, which is available as part of your Setapp subscription, a try. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes, with the option to extend functionality by using JavaScript plugins written by others or those that you’ve created yourself. It’ll make database management headaches a distant memory!

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