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The Pomodoro Technique has been quite a discovery for the busy folks. The only problem with many tools based on this technique is that they lack flexibility. Like, giving you the option to listen to the favorite music while taking a break. Or take a shorter break. Or get distracted when you’re stuck on a task. The fun activities that still keep you focused on work. We believe we’ve found what it takes, though. 

Cleverly schedule your breaks with Time Out app 

Sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time makes you slouch and hinders your productivity. Time Out is a tool that can fix it through smart breaks. The app comes with customizable time out periods you can integrate into your workflow. Go with defaults and there’s no chance you’ll experience neck strains or back problems, because of sitting in front of your Mac. Feel like there’s space for improving the breaks? Time Out caters for that, too. 

Take a break, your own way

Time out comes with two types of breaks — a “normal” 10-minute break that you take every hour and “mini” 15-second breaks for every 15 minutes. Mini breaks are not very common in Pomodoro tools, yet they are super helpful when it comes to moving your focus from one task to another. 

Nothing carved in stone, though. You can change everything about your time-out periods if you like. Disable mini breaks, add your custom ones, change the timing, set the breaks to count backwards — the options are limitless. 

time out work break

Time Out also has a collection of themes that show up when your break starts. You can choose the one you like, or create your own — most of the themes are based on common web standards like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. 

Make Time Out perform custom actions 

With Time Out, each of your breaks can be truly non-boring. If you click on the Actions for a specific break and hit the plus button, you’ll see the list of options like “play sound” or “speak text.” Well, we know you’ll figure out how to make the feature useful for you :) 

time out custom actions

Let the app track your activity 

Controlling your working hours is an important task. Saves you from a burnout and, well...procrastination. Instead of counting, use Time Out to monitor your activity. The app can track both your breaks and app usage as well as organize activity reports by days. 

time out track activity

Combine Time Out with a favorite GTD tool and you’ll have your working routine controlled. On Setapp, apart from the new Time Out app, you can get popular task managers like TaskPaper or 2Do. Whatever fits your flow. It’s one pack for the fixed price. 

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