The top 25 Christmas gift ideas for everyone on your list

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Christmas shopping shouldn’t be painful. Even if you’re completely lost about the shopping list, you know exactly what your friends, parents, colleagues, and spouses want. You just haven’t discovered the aha moment yet. Having hunted down the best gift deals of 2020, we hope that the following list will be helpful. Since it’s very diverse — from the best food gifts to long-lasting subscriptions — we’ve added the navigation to make things a bit easier:

Christmas presents for her and for him

1. ASOS Advent Calendar Box

It’s like a subscription to beauty. Buy a box with body, skin, and hair care products that your loved one will be using for 24 days — the ultimate beauty therapy they totally deserve. The box contains 25 items and the joy of discovering something new every day.

Advent Calendar Box | ASOS

Price:  $110.54 ASOS Face + Body Advent Calendar for her

$55.27 ASOS Grooming Advent Calendar for him

Get ASOS Advent Calendar Box for her

Get ASOS Advent Calendar Box for him

2. Star Wars Posters Set

December is not only the month of Christmas. It’s also the month of Star Wars! If your friend has been excitedly chattering about the new Star Wars movie over the past few months, you have two options: 1) Go watch a movie together (a bit of a struggle if you’re not exactly a Star Wars fan); 2) Gift them a unique Star Wars Posters edition.

Star Wars Posters Set | Etsy

Price: $43.20

Get Star Wars Posters Set

3. FaceTory Korean cosmetics subscription

Gift 1 month of skincare with FaceTory, a frontier K-beauty brand loved by many. Best of all, once you get the subscription, the FaceTory branded box will be delivered to your friend’s doorstep.

FaceTory cosmetic box | Cratejoy

Price: $7.57

Get FaceTory Subscription

4. Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

You never know when the next brilliant idea hits a writer. In a shower, maybe? With Aqua Notes Notepad, this is not a problem. And who knows, if you have friends who are writers, maybe you’re going to be the person who will partake in the creation of the next big novel!

Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad | Amazon

Price: $17.49

Get Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

5. Warmies Slippers

Who doesn’t want slippers that can be microwaved? Nope, it’s not a prank. Once you heat this cute pair, they start emitting lavender odor. If you’re running out of Christmas gifts ideas, Warmies Slippers is something that will definitely surprise her.

Warmies Slippers | Amazon

Price: $19.31

Get Warmies Slippers

6. Madewell and Harry’s Shaving Kit

For your father, brother, husband, or friend. Madewell and Harry’s stylish shaving kit is the perfect trip companion for every man. The package includes a razor, shave gel, 4 5-blade cartridges, and travel blade cover.

Madewell and Harry’s stylish shaving kit

Price: $58

Get Madewell and Harry’s Shaving Kit

Best tech and digital Christmas gifts

7. Setapp Mac Apps Collection

Setapp is an ideal present for everyone who has a Mac. It’s a curated collection of macOS apps for coding, design, writing, and 160 other jobs. Gift a month, three months, or a year of hyper-productivity on Mac.

Setapp as a gift

Price: Starting at $9.99 for 1 month, $107.89 for 12 months, $29.97 for 3 months.

Get Setapp Gift Card

8. Google Play Gift Card

If your friend has an Android phone and likes games, look no further. Google Play Gift Card not only allows purchasing any apps and games, it’s also an access to Google’s new mobile gaming subscription — Google Play Pass.

Google Play Gift Card

Price: $10 - $100

Get Google Play Gift Card

9. AirPods Pro

Well, you don’t always have to get crazily creative. Sometimes, a trendy practical gift is the right fit. If your loved ones love picking up Apple trends, get them AirPods Pro — Apple’s first generation of wireless headphones with noise cancellation functionality.

AirPods Pro

Price: $249

Get AirPods Pro

Christmas items for photography lovers

10. National Geographic Photography Bundle

There are two types of people, and one of them is following National Geographic on Instagram. If that sounds like a person on your list, here’s an awesome present for them — the National Geographic Photography Bundle. Two photography courses, a branded lens mug, and a unisex T-shirt in a single package.

A branded mug, a t-shirt, and two photography courses

Price: $158.93

Get National Geographic Photography Bundle

11. Polaroid One Step + Instant Film Camera

Here’s one of the best gift ideas for Instagrammers. Buy a camera that maintains the traditional Polaroid style, but also has a few cool features on top. One Step covers a Bluetooth app connection, 60 days of battery life, and two lenses (standard and portrait) to switch between.

Instant film camera

Price: $99.99

Get One Step + Instant Film Camera

12. Digital Photo Frame

If your friends travel often, their families must be constantly torturing them with the show-me-the-photos questions. While a photo screen is too small and a laptop screen too distractive, this digital photo frame is the ideal solution. It also shows videos and plays music in a perfectly customizable digital setting.

Digital photo frame

Price: $64.98

Get Digital Photo Frame

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts

13. Friends of the Earth Bottle

If an environmentally-conscious lifestyle is one of the most important things for your loved one, get them this bottle. First, it’s beautiful. Second, Ion8 donates 25% profits of sales from every bottle.

Eco bottle

Price: $32.34

Get Friends of the Earth Bottle

14. TeamTrees Donation

You’ve probably heard Elon Musk has recently invested $1 million into the TeamTrees project. You can invest any sum of money you like — starting with $1 per tree — and treat your friend to newly planted trees that will help save the planet.

TeamTree donation screen

Price: $1 per tree

Plant trees for your loved ones

15. OneNine5 Wash Bag

Gift eco-mindfulness with this wonderful wash bag that has 100% recycled plastic lining and a reusable airport clean liquid bag inside. It’s a state-of-the-art luggage production technology that will give your loved ones an eco-friendly way to travel.

OneNine5 wash bags

Price: $47.57

Get OneNine5 Wash Bag

Best presents for foodies in 2020

16. Peanut Butter Lovers Gift Box

Not everyone is a fan of traditional Christmas gingerbread cookies. But peanut butter is a whole different story. Unless your friend is on a diet, a box with peanut butter pralines, cups, and pretzels will do no harm.

Box with peanut butter filled sweeties

Price: From $46.95

Get Peanut Butter Lovers Gift Box

17. Wine Making Kit

Gluhwein is boring. You just mix the spices and add them to your wine. What’s more fun is actually preparing the wine first! Gift an all-inclusive wine making kit and enjoy the homemade Cabernet Sauvignon made by your dear ones during the holiday season.

Wine making kit

Gift Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Price: $60

18. Gordon Ramsey Cooking Classes

No, Gordon Ramsey will not come to your friends’ house, but they will still be able to learn a lot from him. Purchase a series of online cooking lessons led by the world-known chef on the Masterclass platform.

Gordon Ramsey online cooking classes

Price: $90

Gift Gordon Ramsey Cooking Classes

19. Personalized Coffee Scoop

Giving coffee beans to a true coffee connoisseur might be risky. So here’s the safe option: Buy a personalized coffee scoop with a warm message that relates to your loved one.

Coffee scoop

Price: $25.91

Get Personalized Coffee Scoop

20. Solkiki Chocolate Subscription

Not just give a chocolate bar — subscribe your dear ones to Solkiki’s chocolate boxes for long-lasting sweetness. Choose from among different chocolate plans to satisfy your friend’s taste. The company has worldwide delivery, so it doesn’t matter where the chocolate lover resides.

Chocolate subscription

Price: From $22 per month

Get Solkiki Chocolate Subscription

Christmas gifts for families

21. WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Tablet

If your friends are complaining about their kids wanting to play with phones, this is because they don’t have a WowWee Tablet — a simple colorful toy tablet that teaches toddlers letters and numbers. It even has games! Our personal favorite in the category of family Christmas gifts.

WowWee tablet |Amazon

Price: $37.33

Get WowWee Tablet

22. Movie Night Popcorn Kit

If you’re wondering what a good gift for the whole family is, let us remind you that there are no families who wouldn’t watch “Home Alone” every Christmas. Get Blockbuster’s Movie Night Popcorn Kit to make their Christmas evenings even more fun.

Popcorn kit | Amazon

Price: $50

Buy Movie Night Popcorn Kit

23. AncestryDNA Test

Whether it’s for a whole family or anyone who loves exploring their heritage, AncestryDNA Test is a great gift to give.

AncestryDNA Test

Price: $59

Get AncestryDNA Test

Christmas presents for sports fans

24. NordicTrack Recovery Massage Gun

And how about a gun? Your physically active friends will definitely love it. Because it’s not just a gun, it’s a percussion gun with interchangeable massage heads. Gift a bliss of recovery to make your friends enjoy their intense workouts even more. 

NordicTrack massage gun

Price: $99.99

Get Nordic Track Recovery Massage Gun

25. Backlashfit Smart Yoga Mat

If the person on your list loves yoga and doesn’t own this, you’re the lucky one. Just hit the buy button — you won’t regret it. Backlashfit Smart Yoga Mat is the first self-rolling mat that integrates with Amazon Alexa. So it basically guides you through the practice using actual voice.

Backlashfit Smart Yoga Mat

Price: $89.99

Get Backlashfit Smart Yoga Mat

We hope your 2020 holiday list is now complete. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something special, too. And have a magical holiday season!

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