Notepad++ for Mac: Get the best source code editor for Mac [Video tutorial]

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Notepad++ is a big name, and developers everywhere will be familiar with the free Windows source code editor. But for those who favor Mac, finding an alternative as slick and comprehensive as Notepad++ can be a challenge. Which one’s best for intuitive interfaces, extensive editing tools, and killer syntax options?

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What is it about?

In this video, we explore CodeRunner, the stand-out Mac code editor giving Notepad++ a run for its money. Starting with its immaculate interface and vast programming language options – from Python and Ruby to Java and C++ – we take a look at the impressive capabilities of this must-have code editing companion.

CodeRunner’s editing tools are also a real-time saver. Its out-of-the-box features, including built-in debugging features, syntax highlighters, smart auto-fills, essential IDE features, and customizable preferences, make code editing not only faster but easier, too.

We also take a deeper look at CodeRunner’s text editor, which lets you make numerous adjustments and spread your work across multiple tabs for ultimate accessibility.

Want to give it a try? CodeRunner, along with 240+ other apps, is available for a free 7-day trial  on Setapp.

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