4 ways to recover deleted iPhone photos [Video tutorial]

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Whether it’s the result of a simple mis-click or an over-zealous gallery purge, we’ve all accidentally deleted photos we’d like to see again. Luckily, there are a few simple methods to recover deleted photos on your iPhone.

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Did you know that all deleted photos stay in your Recently deleted album for 30 days? That means that if you realize your mistake quickly enough, you can recover all lost photos right there on your iPhone in just a few simple clicks. We show you how.

After 30 days, though, your deleted photos are gone for good. Or are they? If you have access to a Mac, you may be able to retrieve your permanently deleted photos with Disk Drill. Disk Drill is an essential app that makes comprehensive data recovery easy. We explain how you can get those much-missed photos back where they belong in just a few steps.

We also show you how to access your iCloud storage, where your deleted photos can be hidden. However, to restore from a backup, you’ll need to erase your iPhone. So, to avoid further loss, we recommend using a comprehensive backup manager like AnyTrans for iOS.

AnyTrans for iOS lets you easily transfer files and backup data between macOS and iOS. It’s great for seamlessly syncing your devices and migrating data, so you don’t have to worry about data loss.

So losing photos doesn’t have to be a disaster: recovering deleted iPhone photos can be as simple as checking a few folders and downloading a neat new app on Setapp.

For even more information on how to recover deleted photos on iPhone, check out the top ways to recover deleted photos iPhone has erased in 2024.

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