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Backtrack features

How many times have you walked out of the meeting thinking you should have recorded the conversation? Backtrack makes sure you don’t have to worry about remembering opportunities, taking notes, or tasks assignments. This Mac app is listening, recording, and overwriting audio throughout the day. Everything is stored locally on your Mac so that you can backtrack whatever recording you need at any time, up to 5 hours in the past, without worrying about the government listening in.

Reviving your meetings

The app is a perfect tool for teams that have lots of meetings and brainstorming sessions worth recording. Just decide who on your team will be using the app, (only one team member needs to have Backtrack on their Mac) so that everything you discuss is always captured.

Never forget to hit the record button

You don’t have to start or stop recording with Backtrack. Simply pull down from the icon in the menu bar and backtrack the amount of audio you need once your meeting is over. Just want the tail end of the conversation when you talked about next steps? Simply drag back say, 5 minutes, and save the audio file on your Mac. You just recorded the past! Many good conversations are flowing around your office — that’s for sure. Why not have a backup plan in case someone forgets to hit record? Backtrack is the utility that helps capture these conversations naturally.

Unnoticeable on your Mac until needed

Once you install Backtrack, it sits quietly in your menu bar — requiring barely any of your attention. Clicking on the icon lets you quickly set the backtrack limit, pause and resume recording manually (for privacy reasons) as well as swap the input device.

Up to 5 hours of audio backtracked

By default, Backtrack records every 60 minutes of audio and overwrites it over and over again — unless you save it. You can extend the time of overwritten recording up to 5 hours, which enables you to record those longer meetings or sales calls without saving audio every hour.

100% privacy through local storage

Backtrack doesn’t share audio with anyone — not even your iCloud. Everything that’s been recorded is stored locally on Mac. There are not even analytics in the app, making the audio notes Backtrack creates during your meetings always secure and never compromised.

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