One Switch

One Switch


All the toggles in your menu bar

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One Switch One Switch
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Show hidden files
One Switch can instantly display hidden files in Finder or in a particular folder so you never miss them.
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Change screen resolution
Toggle different screen resolutions from your menu bar, based on what you do. Keep your eyes healthy.
One Switch BetterTouchTool
Set up quick actions
One Switch gives you access to dozens of shortcuts out of the box. And if you want to add your own, set them up with BetterTouchTool.

One Switch via Setapp

All the toggles in your menu bar

Replace numerous apps and settings with One Switch. A time-saver for Mac, the app allows to access the key switchers like toggling between Dark/Light modes and managing AirPods connection. For convenience, set the app to show custom toggles in your menu bar and disable those you don’t use regularly. Fitting your flow, always.
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.23 macOS 10.14 required

One Switch features

Beautify your interface

While sitting in your menu bar, the app is never distracting, but it has the power to perfect your UI. Catered for macOS 10.14 and later, One Switch looks perfectly in both light and dark themes. You can toggle between the two modes flexibly or set the app to auto change from sunrise to sunset.

Clean up desktop

You can use One Switch to instantly hide and show desktop icons. Whether you want to grab a screen and your desktop is not super tidy, or you just like to see it clean, the app has a toggle for that. In one click, clear away all the desktop clutter.

Connect AirPods

Setting up Bluetooth earbuds with your Mac takes at least five steps. With One Switch, it’s just one. Instead of going to Preferences, you can click AirPods in the menu bar and One Switch will start connecting your device instantly.

Control your Mac’s activity

Don’t waste the battery life of your Mac. With One Switch, you can put your computer to sleep or set automatic sleep and wake times. Plus, the app has the Screen Saver switch which allows to manually turn it on whenever needed.

Weed out distractions

Set and manage your work hours on Mac, distraction free. Switch to the “Do Not Disturb” mode or flexibly schedule your do-not-disturb hours in the same menu. One Switch will automatically disable notifications so that they don’t show on your screen.

Shape your toggling flow

One Switch covers seven toggles at the time, and more will be arriving soon. If you don’t need all of them to show in the menu bar, you can disable unnecessary ones in Preferences—available via the Customize button in the app’s drop-down menu.

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One Switch
4.5 / 5
915 ratings
version 1.23 macOS 10.14 required
One Switch
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