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Session features

Session is a Pomodoro app that helps build your productivity momentum. Block distractions, work in short intervals, and take regular breaks to recharge your mind. What makes Session stand out is its huge focus on analytics. This is the app that not only helps get things done, but also reflect on your work and track your progress over time.

25 minutes of focused work

Session follows the classic Pomodoro technique with 25-minute work intervals separated by five-minute breaks. But you can also extend the breaks or pause your sessions whenever you like. Before a session starts, you’ll be prompted to breathe in and breathe out, then get to work.

Block websites that distract you

Usually, there are specific things that make us lose our focus. Maybe you tend to check Facebook a bit too often, or read the news when you should be working. Session allows you to disable access to distracting websites and stay focused on your tasks. The feature is available on Mac only.

Take a rest reminder

When you want to increase your productivity, the only thing more important than focusing is taking a rest. Take a five-minute break after every session or a 30-minute break if you feel tired. Feel free to extend or reduce your rest time in one click. Session will support you along the way.

Reflect on your sessions

Once you complete a session, take a moment to reflect on your experience. Did it go well? Did you feel distracted, neutral, or focused? Write a few words or select the emoji to indicate your mood — this will help evaluate how you did at the end of the day. You can also skip this step.

See how you perform over time

The app has a session log where you can track your progress by days or weeks. See your most productive moments, find patterns, and adjust your workflow accordingly. You can choose from among two modes — calendar or timeline — to track sessions in a way that works best for you

Use on Mac and iOS devices

Session syncs across devices and is available with a single Setapp membership on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Block distractions on Mac, work in 25-minute intervals on iPad, check and analyze your progress on iPhone. The app fits your work schedule, the way you want it.

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