5 new apps on Setapp for your iPhone

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So, here's the news. The new apps have recently been added to the Setapp collection.
Let's get to know them better and see how they can help you in your daily routine.

Replica. Mirror anything on the big screen

Want to duplicate your screen to your TV or computer? Say no more. Replica is an unobtrusive app that helps you share videos, movies, or any other images in a few clicks. This app plays without a hitch and maximizes the display with no stretching. What it does is it smoothly crops your video or image to the aspect ratio of your TV. 

So, now there's no need to waste time choosing the correct resolution for your image. And no need to reconnect your AirPods when you start mirroring something on a big screen.  

Business meetings, school lessons, pitching your ideas to stakeholders – Replica is there when you want to make your project visible. 

Ausum. Turn long texts into audio briefs

So many things happen in the world that we do not always have time to keep up and stay aware of what's happening around us. Skipping through headlines is an option, but we suggest trying Ausum and its short 1-minute audio samples. This app is irreplaceable when you want to stay on top of the latest events.

When working out in the gym, stuck in a traffic jam, or driving for four hours out of town to visit your grandma, just tap play and stay informed on the latest articles, blog posts, and newsletters from your fav publishers. It's like having a glass of tasty orange fresh instead of eating a dozen oranges. Squeezed less than 3-min audio summaries help you stay informed and save time for what's more important.

Quarterplan. Save your notes, tasks, and thoughts

This minimalistic user-friendly app helps you manage your daily activities and tasks, keep on track and avoid burning out. Solve your tasks with no effort and focus on what's really important right now.

Plan your day in Quarterplan by breaking your activities into 3-hour periods. Thus you'll have a rest in between and never miss anything essential on the go. Set up reminders, get notifications on your next task, never forget your essential to-dos, schedule meetings, and have a bird's-eye view of your every work day.

Launcher. Customize your home screen

Speed up your iPhone by making your screen the comfiest it can be. With Launcher, you can choose backgrounds and the icon size, making your screen look neater in a second. 

Do anything you need in just a single tap – call your mom, start playing your favorite song, get notifications and search for local businesses when you're on a trip and need to find what you want faster. Have at hand everything you might ever need on your screen. No muss, no fuss.


Are you getting through a trauma? Burning out at work? Trying to increase self-esteem? UpLife is there on your iPhone to help you overcome stress and anxiety. This convenient app is your self-care path to well-being and a better mood. Embrace new useful habits, try meditations, guided sessions, and personal growth challenges, get self-care advice from psychologists and improve your mental health.

UpLife is all about science. Learn how your brain and body work, and become your better self with the help of this small but helpful tool. Do not have much time? 15 minutes per day is more than enough to help yourself achieve new healthy goals.

How to install any of these apps on your iPhone?

These tools are all iOS apps, so please ensure your plan includes a subscription for iOS devices. If not, you can always change your subscription plan in your Setapp account.

  1. Go to the app's page and click "Get iOS app."
  2. Open your iPhone camera and scan the QR code.
    scan QR code In a second, you will be redirected to AppStore. Please install the app from there.
  3. Go back to the Setapp desktop and click "Next Step." Scan another QR code to activate your app.
    Unlock full version

You will get a notification once the app is successfully activated. Easy-peasy.

You do a lot of things on your iPhone. Setapp helps. Try these new gems from the Setapp collection and solve more tasks every day. Faster and with no effort.

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