How to access clipboard history on your Mac [Video tutorial]

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Want more control when it comes to clipboard management on macOS? Discover how to access your clipboard history, copy & paste between Apple devices, and use time-saving clipboard management apps to fill those functionality gaps and enhance your workflow.

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  • 00:27 How to see what’s in your clipboard
  • 00:25 Copy & paste between Apple devices with Universal Clipboard 
  • 00:54 Use this handy clipboard history hack 
  • 01:25 How to access anything that you’ve copied with Paste 
  • 02:02 How to get temporary clipboard storage with Unclutter 
  • 02:35 Try out the best clipboard management apps on Setapp

What is it about?

We’re all familiar with the macOS clipboard, but do you ever find yourself wishing it had an interface?

Well, we’re here to save you time and streamline your workflow by giving you all the hottest tips and tricks for macOS clipboard management. Sit back while we reveal how to easily see what’s in your clipboard right now, as well as how to synchronize your clipboard across connected Apple devices with the handy Universal Clipboard feature.

This tool is great, but for ultimate clipboard control, it could be time to consider installing a third-party app to help you out.

Paste could be the solution you’ve been searching for. With unlimited clipboard history storage - regardless of format - plus its useful multiple-selection copy and paste tool, Paste has everything you need from an essential all-in-one clipboard manager. What’s more, its sleek organization capabilities and intelligent search tool ensure you’ll never lose track of your snippets ever again.

Another option is Unclutter, a robust memo assistant and file organization app with a great clipboard management feature. Easily store, organize, and favorite clipboard snippets with this super-functional app. 

So watch our video to see how you can access in-built macOS features you didn’t know you had, plus discover new apps from Setapp that will enhance your workflow.

For more tips on macOS clipboard management, check out more tips on how to view and manage clipboard history on macOS.

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