The easiest ways to fix your Mac camera [Video tutorial]

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Experiencing camera trouble on your Mac? Luckily, there’s usually a quick fix: try these seven methods – including three essential performance-enhancing apps – to get your camera back in shape.

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  • 00:24 #1 Check your webcam permissions on macOS
  • 00:44 #2 Try fixing your camera through Terminal
  • 00:57 #3 Check if multiple apps are trying to use your camera
  • 01:07 #4 Quit background processes with QuitAll 
  • 01:42 #5 Try WiFi Explorer as a great tool for checking for connection issues 
  • 02:13 #6 Try Apple troubleshooting 
  • 02:38 #7 Run a smart scan with CleanMyMac X 
  • 03:02 How to get these apps – and more – for free from Setapp

What is it about?

So, the camera on your Mac isn’t working. We know how stressful that can be, especially when an important meeting starts at any moment. The good news is that in this video, we have several simple methods you can use to solve your camera calamity and make sure it never holds you up again.

We walk you through the go-to options you should try first when attempting to fix your faulty Mac camera: checking if your webcam permissions are where you want them, using your Mac’s Terminal tool (your command is sudo killall VDCAssistant), and good old Apple troubleshooting. Usually, macOS features will be able to solve your issue.

Sometimes, though, you need to think outside the box. That’s why we offer three exceptional apps that might just have the answer.

It could be that multiple apps are trying to use your camera – in which case, try QuitAll. QuitAll lets you quit all active processes running on your Mac, freeing up your camera. What’s more, it quits apps safely, without interfering with changes in your files.

For all things Wi-Fi, we suggest WiFi Explorer. If your connection is hampering your camera, this intuitive app will troubleshoot it with ease.

If all else fails, it could be general performance issues behind your camera’s malfunction. We explore how CleanMyMac X can help declutter your system and keep your Mac running smoothly.

All of these apps, plus over 230 others, are available for free 7-day trial on Setapp. So if you’re experiencing a frustrating camera problem with your Mac, head over to Setapp for the solution.

For further advice on fixing Mac cameras, check out our full guide on how to fix a camera that is not working on a Mac.

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