Get secure remote access to your Mac from anywhere [Video tutorial]

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Looking for the easiest way to access your Mac remotely and securely? Control multiple displays, get file-sharing capabilities, allow guest access, and more - all with one must-have app.

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What is it about?

For those of us who travel or use multiple computers, remote access is an essential tool. Whether you need to grab a file from another machine, copy and paste between devices, or simply help someone out from afar, we explore how having a secure connection between multiple laptops and desktop devices is sure to speed things up and maintain continuity.

Luckily, with innovative all-in-one apps like Screens, that’s never been easier. Its impressive range of features make the app a top choice for seamless remote desktop access, letting you control any connected device as though it were right in front of you - from anywhere in the world.

Find out how Screens not only provides a flexible remote experience backed by strong SSH tunnel security, but how its intuitive design ensures seamless continuity between devices - even if those devices have different operating systems. Easily connect macOS and Windows, for example, with fully-customizable keyboard shortcuts and multiple display support.

We also look at the other stand-out features, like drag-and-drop file sharing, clipboard synchronization, and ‘curtain mode’ - which lets you hide your remote screen while accessing it - which make this app the best all-in-one option for remote access.

To find out more about how to access your Mac remotely, take a look at the article below. And to learn about 230+ other productivity-boosting apps that could improve your workflow, see what’s on offer at Setapp.

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