How to fix Bluetooth not working on Mac [Video tutorial]

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Bluetooth keeps disconnecting or won't activate? Try these tips to fix Bluetooth problems on your Mac.

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  • 00:19 What to check before fixing Bluetooth
  • 01:12 Solution 1: Disable/enable Bluetooth
  • 01:26 Solution 2: Disconnect your Bluetooth and USB devices and restart your Mac 
  • 01:53 Solution 3: Reset the Bluetooth module
  • 02:28 Solution 4: Reset NVRAM and SMC
  • 03:15 Solution 5: Pair your Bluetooth devices with ToothFairy

What is it about?

Bluetooth problems on the Mac are rare, but they can be frustrating. Often, devices simply disconnect due to inactivity. Before you dive into troubleshooting, check the battery level; a low battery will affect connectivity. Also, keep the device within 30 feet and avoid interference from other devices.

If these steps don't help, try the five tips in this tutorial to make Bluetooth work.

Firstly, simply click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar at the top of your screen, select Turn Bluetooth Off, and then select Turn Bluetooth On. 

Secondly, we show you how to disconnect USB devices. Note that too many Bluetooth connections can cause issues. While the max is seven, problems can start even after three or four devices. You can disconnect devices by going to System Settings > Bluetooth. 

Another possible solution for fixing Bluetooth not working on a Mac is resetting the Bluetooth module. Type sudo pkill bluetoothd into Terminal, then confirm by entering your password.

If your MacBook Bluetooth still won't turn on, you can also reset the NVRAM and SMC. We provide the detailed instructions in the video.  

Our favorite solution? ToothFairy! It is the best choice if you connect multiple Bluetooth devices to your Mac. For example, your wireless Magic Mouse, AirPods, and some non-Apple headphones. The app can help you set up a separate menu bar item for each of these devices, so you can connect with a single click.  

The best part? You can get ToothFairy for free with a 7-day trial of Setapp, an app platform with 240+ powerful apps for almost any task on Mac and iOS.

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