How to get MS Word for Mac for free [Video tutorial]

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Want Microsoft Word for Mac but don’t want the price tag? Here’s how to get it for free. Plus, discover three alternative word-processing apps on the market, each packed with its own unique features to elevate your writing.

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  • 00:14 Do I need to pay for Microsoft 365?
  • 00:50 How to get Microsoft Word online for free 
  • 01:30 How to sign up for a Microsoft 365 free trial 
  • 01:51 The best alternative third-party apps 
  • 02:05 Why not try Collabio Spaces for shared documents? 
  • 02:18 Easily structure & edit longer documents with Ulysses 
  • 02:34 For distraction-free writing, try Focused

What is it about?

How often do you use Microsoft Word? For some of us, the answer is every day. But for others, MS Word is an occasional necessity – if that’s you, we’re sure you’ve asked yourself: Do I really need to pay for a whole Microsoft 365 subscription? Luckily, the answer is ‘no’.

We’re here to give you the lowdown on all the ways you can get Microsoft Word for Mac for free in 2024. Whether you’re willing to use the free web version or want to sign up for a one-month Microsoft 365 free trial, our methods will have you creating those docs in no time.

But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution that doesn’t involve splashing out on an expensive subscription, you can try top-tier word processor apps.

Collabio Spaces, for instance, offers superb co-editing convenience, letting you and your team create and collaborate on synchronized documents with ease. What’s more, Collabio works both on and offline – so even when your internet is playing up, you can knuckle down.

For an immersive writing experience with stand-out structuring, exporting, and publishing options, try Ulysses. The app’s unobtrusive interface lets you work on those important long-form documents without the distractions of complex functions and intrusive toolbars slowing you down.

Or, if a minimalist word processor is what you’re looking for, consider Focused. With its stripped-down interface and innovative ‘zen mode’ – complete with relaxing music to soothe you along – Focused offers a truly unique word processing experience.

Watch our video to get a taster of our MS Word alternatives and see which one stands out. Whatever your working style or word-processor needs, one simple Setapp membership will let you find the perfect match.

For further details on how to get Microsoft Word for Mac for free, take a look at the article on How to get Microsoft Word for free on Mac.

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