How to clear scratch disk in Photoshop on Mac [Video tutorial]

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With the right know-how, fixing your “scratch disk full” error in Photoshop on Mac can be a matter of a few clicks. Discover it right now!

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  • 00:17 Why Photoshop scratch disks are full
  • 00:40 How to clear purgeable space with CleanMyMac X
  • 01:20 How to delete temporary files manually on Mac
  • 02:20 How to change a scratch disk location on Mac 

What is it about?

First, we cover the basics of what a scratch disk is. Second, we show you the easiest way to clear your purgeable space and get your scratch disk spick and span with CleanMyMac X.

With this essential app, your solution really is just seconds away. And with its range of other must-have features – like malware removal, update automation, and speed-up tools – CleanMyMac X is the ultimate companion for your Mac.

If you haven’t got CleanMyMac X yet, there’s also a manual way to delete temporary files. We walk you through the whole process so the next time your scratch disk gets full, you’ll know exactly what to do – even if that means changing the location of your scratch disk.

Although it’s possible, clearing your scratch disk manually can be laborious. That’s why we recommend CleanMyMac X as a swift, surefire alternative that’ll leave you more time to spend where it matters: creating on Photoshop.

For CleanMyMac X access, plus 240+ other apps, consider a Setapp subscription. It is completely free for the first 7 days with no limitations. 

And for more details, take a look at our article on How to clear scratch disk in Photoshop on Mac

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