7 ways to clear up RAM on Mac [Video tutorial]

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Struggling with a slow Mac? Experiencing unexpected freezes? Here, we explain 7 easy ways to free up RAM and get your Mac back on track.

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What is it about?

Usually, a slow Mac is a symptom of an underlying RAM problem – a problem we’re here to help you solve. In this video, we take a look at seven simple ways to clear up RAM and improve your Mac experience.

Firstly, we suggest running App Tamer. It is an excellent background app that logs all your app activity and slows down redundant apps, giving your Mac a workout. By freeing up some CPU, you’ll also free up memory and speed up your Mac.

If you want a deeper dive into the processes slowing down your Mac, iStat Menus is a great place to start. This comprehensive app breaks down your memory consumption by wired, active, and compressed RAM, giving you a better grasp of the processes getting in your way.

And if your RAM really has its foot on the gas, why not try CleanMyMac X to free up your RAM in one simple step? We show you how to clear background processes safely and easily with this essential app.

We also explain how to manually reduce memory usage via in-built macOS systems such as Activity Monitor and how to use Tab Finder to close redundant tabs from different browsers, which can slow down your Mac.

For more details, take a look at the article on how to reduce RAM usage on a Mac. And don’t forget: You can try all these apps and more on Setapp for free for seven days.

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